AI and Digital Transformation in 2021

Enterprise leaders believe that AI implementation will drastically increase in the coming years, as it moves from good-to-have to a necessity.

CIOs believe that companies will embrace AI because of its criticality. It is the tech that enables businesses to scale, be innovative, and agile. The previous year has emphasised the speedy acceleration that has modified the query from where AI tech fits into the enterprise to what segments are not right for AI. General services and applications across the organisation will continue to become more evident by the day.

Organisations say that AI will help deliver value when intelligent capabilities and tools are utilised to resolve industry-specific issues. They note that creative applications are coming up across the enterprises in banking, retail, and manufacturing.

Revamping the customer service experience with conversational AI

Enterprise leaders explain that when organisations blend customer behaviour data, chatbots, and NLP, it creates the potential to change customer support and contact, without human intervention. With AI, significant improvements to NLP are possible, helping make customer experiences richer and dynamic. The advancement in tech has improved the depth and natural flow of interactions between the customer and bots.

Such an approach improves customer self-service when it allows expedited access to backend systems. This helps solve customer issues and queries faster. CIOs say the implementation of automated customer service agents was one of the top AI use cases proposed by most enterprises.

Curing latency, privacy, and bandwidth issues with Edge AI

Organisations point out that AI had once existed solely in the domain of the largest data centres in the world. But as AI shifted to the networks’ outer edges, it has started to solve a host of analytics and hosted data issues for the organisation. Edge AI is the tech where intelligent capabilities are embedded at the point of data source, regardless of whether smartphones, connected vehicles, or IoT endpoints.

The Edge AI tech has expanded rapidly and powered many intelligent devices, becoming a massive advantage for the organisation. The availability of Edge AI in devices has also increased in 2021 due to better accessibility and availability. At the edge, AI will play an essential role in managing huge volumes of data and reducing business networks’ increasing strain. The ability to process data at the network edge itself without transferring it to the cloud platforms makes devices more responsive, versatile, secure, and powerful. This also helps in regulatory compliance.

Using machine and deep learning to enable cybersecurity

Malicious actors have already started using AI to launch highly sophisticated phishing campaigns and other cyber assaults. They have leveraged intelligent automaton to accelerate the volume, variety, and velocity of the breach attacks. Conventional cyber prevention and mitigation methods will be no match for such advanced TTPs. Thus the use of AI in attack techniques calls for the use of AI enhancement in cybersecurity defences.