Google Cloud Next 2024: AI Innovations Riding the Wave with Latest Integrations

Google Cloud Next 2024 AI Innovations Riding the Wave with Latest Integrations

Google Cloud Next 2024 took centre stage by unveiling robust tools for businesses. From the introduction of AI-powered advancements to innovations in BigQuery for unified data analytics, the event was a big success. 

Google’s Cloud Next 2024, which ended this Thursday, meant a lot for tech-savvy leaders. From the introduction of AI-powered advancements to innovations in BigQuery for unified data analytics capabilities at scale, the event was a big success. Here are a few updates from the event that Google unveiled as a transformative move towards the tech revolution. 

A Quick Stroll to a Few Updates at Google Cloud Next 2024 

Google Vids for AI-powered Video Creation  

Major tech companies are harnessing AI to assist users in crafting imaginative content, and Google unveiled its iteration. Google Vids, a new AI-driven video creation tool, has been integrated into the Google Workspace suite. 

Users can seamlessly create videos while utilising other Workspace applications, such as Docs and Sheets, with features including editing, writing, and production tools. Additionally, real-time collaboration with colleagues is facilitated through Google Vids.

Extended BigQuery Capabilities for AI-driven Unified Analytics 

The latest BigQuery integrations with Gemini models in Vertex AI support multimodal analytics, vector embeddings, and fine-tuning of LLMs from within BigQuery, applied to your enterprise data.

Emphasising the benefits of the update, Rahul Auradkar, EVP and General Manager of United Data Services & Einstein at Salesforce, said, “It is great to collaborate without boundaries to unlock trapped data and deliver amazing customer experiences. This integration will help our joint customers tap into Salesforce Data Cloud’s rich capabilities and use zero copy data sharing and Google AI connected to trusted enterprise data.” 

Gemini Code Assist 

Google’s latest coding assitant highlights the rapid advancement of AI in helping developers with writing code. Gemini Code Assist, an AI-driven tool tailored for enterprises, not only poses a challenge to GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise but also showcases big tech’s eagerness to utilise AI for coding assistance and other programming endeavours.

Google Workspace Updates with Voice Prompts 

Initially available to its paying subscribers, Google Workspace has unveiled Voice Prompts integration. Its an AI-based “Help me write” feature in Gmail while on the go, for example. Additionally, Google is launching a new feature in Gmail for Workspace that can instantly turn rough email drafts into a more polished email. 

This will resemble additional packages priced at $10 per month per user. One of these packages will offer a new AI meetings and messaging add-on, which automatically takes notes, generates meeting summaries, and translates content into 69 languages.

Google’s Latest Arm-based CPUs

With relentless innovation, Google has engineered Axion Processors, its inaugural custom Arm-based CPUs, to redefine performance and energy efficiency standards. These processors embody Google’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of computing, addressing grand challenges such as information retrieval and generative AI. 

Rene Haas, CEO, Arm, said, “Google’s announcement of the new Axion CPU marks a significant milestone in delivering custom silicon that is optimised for Google’s infrastructure, and built on our high-performance Arm Neoverse V2 platform. Decades of ecosystem investment, combined with Google’s ongoing innovation and open-source software contributions ensure the best experience for the workloads that matter most to customers running on Arm everywhere.” 

Nvidia’s Blackwell Platform

Another announcement is Nvidia’s next-generation Blackwell platform coming to Google Cloud in early 2025. Although the implementations seem so far, here is what to look forward to: support for the high-performance Nvidia HGX B200 for AI and HPC workloads and GB200 NBL72 for large language model (LLM) training.

Although this is just a glimpse of some updates unveiled at Google Cloud Next 2024, the list is huge. Stay tuned with the latest update in data technology, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, here