Top 10 Cybersecurity Software For Enterprises

Top cybersecurity software

Data breaches are all across the headlines. Companies are aware that even if they have SOX or PCI compliance, new compliance regulations require more rigorous data security controls. We have a list of top data security solutions for passing audits and protecting sensitive data.

Whether it’s a type of web-based infrastructure, online account or website, you are at risk of data breaching. 

As collectors and storers of data, businesses are the prime targets for competitors and cybercriminals. According to cyber experts, approximately 1 million potential cyber attacks are attempted per day, and with the evolution of mobile and cloud technologies, this number is likely to increase. It is predicted that the global tally for cybercrime damage will be $6 trillion this year.  

Here is a list of data security solutions to maximise your protection: 


McAfee is one of the most renowned cybersecurity companies in the market. It has been releasing cybersecurity software since 1987. The company also works with governments worldwide, depending on its McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, to keep consumers, governments and businesses safe from hackers.  From the business aspect, McAfee’s endpoint and mobile security products protect end-user devices from attacks, and at the same time, network security services and products guard company data centres, databases, and servers. 

With its omnipresent solutions, McAfees continues to be a major cybersecurity player for enterprises. 

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Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks, established in 2005, is a worldwide cybersecurity company, helping more than 54,000 consumers over approximately 150 countries. The company’s core Security Operating Platform benefits in keeping the hackers out by using analytics to automate routine tasks and enforcement, interpreting security so customers can focus on securing data, applications and users. The platform is developed for a variety of industries, such as healthcare and financial services. Palo Alto Networks also renders endpoint protection, advanced firewall, cloud security, and threat prevention and detection. 

The global cybersecurity company’s cloud-based security products and advanced firewalls are used by 63 per cent of the Global 2000 and more than 85 of the Fortune 100 companies.


CrowdStrike is a leading cybersecurity company with a presence in the US, India, and Europe. Hyatt, Rackspace, and ADP are among its few clients. It’s a premier cybersecurity provider for the energy market. CrowdStrike is acknowledged for being the first cloud-native endpoint security platform on the market, and ever since, the company has expanded from securing just endpoints (devices and servers) to securing workloads (virtual, containerised, IoT, mobile, cloud, and data centres).

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Founded in 1984, Cisco renders a solution for cybersecurity, networking, and IT. The solutions of Cisco are available for any sized company. The company’s core cybersecurity services include security services, Multi-factor authentication, Cloud security, Endpoint security, Email security, Malware protection and Firewall. 


An Information Technology company, IBM provides hosting and consulting services for various areas from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. Founded in 1911, it also renders computer hardware, software and middleware. The company also works for the US federal government by providing them cybersecurity solutions. IBM’s core cybersecurity services constitute biometrics and identity access management, mobile security, cognitive security, and situational awareness and response.


Established in 1975, Microsoft is the manufacturer of consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. It also provides a cloud security advantage and intelligent security solutions. Microsoft’s core cybersecurity services are its corporate resources, devices and products, and Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and services. It also detects threats and recovers for incidents. 


Amazon, the e-commerce company, also deals in computer Hardware, Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing. Formed in 1994, it renders cloud security to data centres and network architecture. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Trusted Advisor will provide businesses with real-time insights. Amazon’s centre cybersecurity services focus on penetration testing, identity and access control, data encryption, DDoS mitigation and infrastructure security.


Established in 1999, Dell Technologies acquired SecureWorks in 2011. It offers managed security solutions, network and IT centring on information security services. SecureWorks’s event management platform and security information uses applied security research and leverages GIAC-certified experts to protect companies. Further, its services use analysts, actionable insights, AI and automation and visibility from many clients to generate powerful network effects to predict and combat cyberattacks. 

Last year, SecureWorks worked upon and improved its Threat detection and Response product to help security teams better detect and respond to security incidents. 


ScienceSoft has provided professional cybersecurity services since 2003. It has partnered with IBM business in security operations and Response. ScienceSoft has adequately completed more than 150 security testing and consulting projects in telecoms, public sector, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, banking and other industries. ScienceSoft core cybersecurity services include compliance testing, infrastructure security audit, security code review, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment.


Since its foundation in 2015, Intruder has received multiple accolades and was selected for GCHQ’s Cyber Accelerator. It’s a cybersecurity company that operates worldwide and assists organisations in reducing their attack exposure by rendering an easy cybersecurity solution. The company’s product is a cloud-based susceptibility scanner that detects security weakness over the entire digital infrastructure.

Continuous monitoring and robust security checks, Intruder saves all sizes of businesses safe from hackers. Its core cybersecurity services are vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cloud security, network security, etc.