Velocity: The Sessions You Can’t-Miss


Data and analytics is at the centre of digital transformation. By 2025, it is expected to reach $58 billion, accounting for 40 per cent of all ICT spending in the Middle East.

The second edition of Velocity, the Middle East’s largest summit focussed on data, analytics and strategy, to be held on May 17-18 in Dubai, will discuss the latest trends and challenges and help the business in the region to identify solutions to embrace data analytics and improve its decision-making process and business prediction to gain a competitive advantage.

Here are some can’t-miss sessions to get you excited.

Building a future of data ethos

Understanding actual performance, driving change, and making better decisions requires data. The panellists Emmet Kelly, Chief Data Officer, YAP Holdings, Althea Davis, Chief Data Officer, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), Amith Rajan, Executive Vice President, Mashreq Bank and Aamer Mushtaq, Regional Manager Sales Engineering (META) at Snowflake will discuss how to leverage data analytics to increase business value, how to head a data-driven organisation for improved decision-making and e best strategies and actions to build a data-driven organisation.

Right Data over Big Data

Innovations across industries are reliant on the right data, not the size of the data. Hear  Deepesh Jain, Director of Global Data Science, Visa, Latifa AlShehhi, Head of Data Management, Road and Transportation Authority Dubai, and Prashant Tewari, Regional Sales Director – Middle East Turkey Africa, Acceldata discuss finding the right data in the right place at the right time. Organisations need to be strategic with what data they collect and have a purpose for collecting it. The panellists will tell you all about how you can start by looking at your strategy, and see what strategic goals you have. Based on your strategic objectives, you can determine what data to collect.

Customer Experience: Transforming the art and science through analytics

Customer experience is the top priority for any business, and the companies that focus on CX have reduced their churn rates and increased their revenues. However, many companies still struggle to cope with the curve. Abhinav Kumar, Head of Data,, Peter Riz, Chief Information Officer, OSN, Surajit Basak, Sr. Director Of Information Technology United Parcel Services (UPS) and Hafdi Salah, Co-founder and Managing Partner, BBI Consultancy, UAE; will share insights on making use of predictive CX platforms that help organisations better measure their performance and how to link CX to value to have a quantified view of challenges and opportunities and in turn improve the customer journey.

Simplifying a diverse data ecosystem

Waseem Akram Syed, Director of Data (Analytics), Kitopi will shed light on stitching various data repositories across cloud and region seamlessly to meet the new age data and analytics needs, and accelerating digitisation of business processes by becoming the preferred data management tool.

Data Observability: Addressing the quality of data at scale in enterprises

The observability of data is a significant turning point for data operations and the industry at large. In this session, Prashant Tewari, Regional Sales Director, Acceldata Middle East will share insights on how the rise of digital transformation and data and analytics calls for more visibility into data operations.

* The second edition of the Velocity Data And Analytics Summit will be held on May 17 and 18, 2022, in Dubai. For more information and to register, please visit:

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