Velocity Data and Analytics Summit Comes to Cape Town

Velocity Data and Analytics Summit Comes to Cape Town

A distinguished line-up of data and AI experts from the region will gather on July 30, 2024 to share their learnings on converting data into actionable business value at Velocity – the Data and Analytics summit in Cape Town, South Africa.

With advancements in technology and the increasing availability of data, businesses today face the challenge of harnessing this vast resource to gain a competitive edge. This summit aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex world of data and analytics effectively.

Velocity, the leading data and analytics summit, is proud to announce that it will take place on July 30th, 2024, in Cape Town, South Africa. The summit will feature a distinguished line-up of regional industry leaders and experts who will share their insights on implementing AI projects, overcoming data wrangling challenges, and leveraging data for actionable insights to drive business value.

In its seventh edition globally, Velocity is a premier event that brings together professionals from various industries, including retail, finance, travel, and healthcare, to explore the latest trends and strategies in data analytics and AI and how it can positively impact business decisions.

The summit’s agenda is designed to address key challenges faced by businesses;

  •       The CDO’s Practical Guide to Successful Deployment of Data Analytics
  •       The CDO’s Practical Guide to Successful Deployment of Data Analytics
  •       Data Quality: The Backbone of Informed Decision-Making
  •       Exploring the World of Data Streaming
  •       The Art and Science of Data Visualisation
  •       Empowering Teams: Implementing Self-Service Architecture with Data Mesh

Notable speakers at the Velocity Summit include:

  • Nollie Maoto, Chief Data and Analytics Officer- Merchant Services- FNB
  • Terishia Reddy, Head of Data Science- Pick n Pay
  • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg, Data Lead- Yoco
  • Shalendra Singh, Head of Information Technology- Hungry Lion
  • Noreeta Philander, Head of Data & Analytics- Ayoba

The data era is in full swing. Every year brings new developments to the technology landscape. But if every business has access to data, why is it that some are able to maximise its value while others fail? 

This is precisely where Velocity – the data and analytics summit comes in to help. It bridges the gap between hype and practical implementation for business use cases. 

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