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Datatechvibe Interview with Christopher Rack, President of PureB2B

In this exclusive interview with Datatechvibe, Christopher Rack, President at PureB2B, speaks about how PurePredict functions as a bridge, combining contact-level intent, domain-level consumption trends, and company-intent trigger through social media to provide the most accurate buying predictions for marketers.

How does PureB2B serve its customer segment?

At PureB2B, a Demand Science company, we serve our customers through scalable outbound marketing strategies, focusing on the demand generation marketing funnel. Our primary focus is B2B software and services, focusing on technology companies looking to expand their reach. We pride ourselves on being client-first, choosing to emphasise the customer experience and customer advocacy programs we believe in. 

How did you define the vision of PureB2B?

PureB2B is at a transition point. Historically we’ve been known as a full-funnel demand generator. We would collect a lot of intent data based on content consumption and prioritise how we market for our clients. Now, we’re moving towards Predictive Analytics with products like PurePredict and PureSyndication. We want to focus on being a one-stop-shop for our clients, providing agile marketing solutions for all aspects of their needs. 

What are some of the unique features of PureB2B? Which sectors are growing?

The PurePredict engine that backs all our critical programs and solutions set us apart from other players in the market. We aggregate three types of intent into one algorithm and focus on behavioural and decisional intelligence – from a demand generation perspective. We’ve seen vital growth points in and around the field as well as in the event marketing space. This was precipitated most likely, due to the lack of in-person events in 2020. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen significant data security breaches for various organisations, both SMBs and large enterprises. How prepared are businesses now?

You can only be prepared up to a certain point when humans are involved in security operations. We learn, and conduct training and yet organisations experience breaches due to human error. Significant steps have been taken forward with regulations recently. As data collection technology evolves, I believe companies will be more prepared.

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What are some of the customer pain points that PureB2B addresses? 

PureB2B solves three main challenges for our clients: who they should be marketing to, when they should market to those buyers, and how do they best position themselves to get the most ROI. 

Can you give us a sneak peek of the upcoming product upgrades that your customers can look forward to?

As PureB2B grows our offerings, we provide consistent value for marketers while also expanding to the sales decision-maker. Based on sales feedback, we believe packaging and easy-to-use intent solutions for sales teams can directly affect their growth. 

PureB2B recently launched PurePredict using Multi-Source Intent Data to Change the Future of Demand Generation. Please elaborate.

PurePredict combines three levels of intent into one predictive analytics engine – contact-level goal, company-level social media intent triggers, and domain-level consumption trends to provide the most accurate buying predictions available in the market.  Historically, most intent providers have captured one-off buying signals and used that trend. Our 3-layered fusion of intent data considers the prospect’s research journey, and the synthesis of that data eliminates false positives and over-promising that is currently flooding the intent market. This means that the B2B marketer can address multiple buyers and focus on specific in-market data with unique challenges. 

One area where tech marketers must upskill themselves in?

Tech marketers need to take strides towards combining sales and marketing operations into a single revenue ops system. This would implement full-funnel metrics across all sections, blending sales pipeline with the marketing funnel. 

What is that one leadership motto you live by?

The absolute first of PureB2B’s values are what we call ‘BeHuman’. Even though we excel at developing innovative data and analytics-driven solutions that transform industries we serve. We believe that everything in business can be personal since there’s always a human being in every interaction. We focus on the fact that we speak to real people who have real emotions. Whether that’s internally or with our clients, we want to treat people as fellow humans trying to do life together.