70 Data Centre Companies Join The Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord


Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) has launched an initiative that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of digital infrastructure.

To date, more than 70 organisations have joined the iMasons Climate Accord (ICA), including hyperscale companies AWS, Google, Meta, and Microsoft, along with more than 40 colocation providers, and data centre product, service, and investment firms.

The current goal of the ICA is to identify and establish an independent governing body to develop a standard methodology for measuring carbon emissions in data centre power, materials, and products.

“Carbon footprint’ is a relatively common term used when discussing emissions. However, there is currently no universally accepted way to measure ‘embodied carbon’ – the carbon footprint generated by a product or service before it is put to the intended use. This can originate from the mining, manufacturing, transportation, and other steps involved in the production of goods. We are excited to help create an open standard for reducing the embodied carbon in data centres and work with equipment manufacturers to improve energy efficiency across the industry,” said Joe Kava, Vice President of Data Centres, Google.

The ICA aims to expand the work of the organisation to help the environment further. According to ICA, “The work from this body will influence market-based buying decisions to drive the industry to carbon neutrality as the first step to achieving planetary net zero.”