ABDOS Group Partners with Eventus Security

Ensuring data security in cloud migration ABDOS Group’s partnership with Eventus Security

ABDOS’ partnership with Eventus Security aims to achieve a secure cloud infrastructure while navigating the complexities of digital transformation.

ABDOS group has chosen Eventus Security as its trusted cybersecurity partner. Leveraging ABDOS’ existing on-premises security solutions effectively, Eventus ensured minimal downtime and disruption to business operations. The implementation adhered to industry best practices, guaranteeing the security and integrity of ABDOS’ data throughout the migration process.

Kaustabh Sinha,  Sr. Manager IT, ABDOS India Group, “Strategically utilising our existing investments in on-premise solutions was paramount for us. Eventus ensured seamless transition while making the most of our resources. Their commitment to a smooth and efficient process stood out during this critical phase. When deciding on our cloud transition, finding a partner with the right capabilities and expertise was crucial. The Eventus team worked closely, crafting a meticulous plan and strategy. The result was a remarkably smooth migration with minimal downtime and disruption, ensuring a secure cloud infrastructure,” he added.

The collaboration with Eventus Security yielded significant benefits for ABDOS Group. Firstly, the transition to the cloud was remarkably smooth, addressing data security concerns comprehensively and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Secondly, the cybersecurity strategy was executed flawlessly within the agreed timelines, minimising disruptions to day-to-day operations and ensuring timely execution. Thirdly, Eventus Security’s approach enhanced ABDOS’ overall security posture, aligning it with industry best practices and bolstering the integrity of its data. And lastly, ABDOS successfully optimised its investments by leveraging existing on-premises security solutions during the migration, maximising their value and strategic impact. These benefits collectively underscore the value of ABDOS’ partnership with Eventus Security in achieving a secure cloud infrastructure while navigating the complexities of digital transformation.

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