AI Startup Rehinged Launches Carenet AI


SaaS Delivers Real-time Commercial Intelligence for Healthcare Companies

Rehinged announced the launch of Carenet AI, their market intelligence platform specifically built for the healthcare industry. The platform is a complex cloud-based application series that turns real-time data into actionable intelligence for end-users.

“The healthcare market is the perfect entry point for the commercialisation of the Rehinged AI platform. It’s a $4.1 trillion market, and there’s a tremendous volume of data, a tremendous market need and tremendous value when providers are matched to the facilities with the greatest need,” said Jim Sagar, founder and CEO, Rehinged.

Commercial healthcare and med-tech teams selling into nursing homes, doctor’s offices, long-term care facilities, hospitals and other clinical care facilities can get a dynamic feed of their ideal customer targets based on digital signals emitted daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

For each customer, Carenet AI identifies the relevant combination of data containing their ideal customer signals then combines and scores it to automate prospecting. This eliminates the need to invest in data science and data engineering infrastructure to make their commercial data actionable. Teams can access the platform through a SaaS subscription.