Akamai Launches New DBaaS Offering


The Linode Managed Database service is set to debut bringing support for the MySQL database

Akamai has announced that it is getting into the DBaaS market with the upcoming launch of its Linode Managed Database service. Akamai introduced the new service and it is set to be generally available on May 4. The Linode Managed Database will be the first major release from Akamai since the company’s $900 million acquisition of cloud platform vendor Linode. Akamai with Linode is moving into the public cloud arena, providing infrastructure as a service as well as managed cloud applications.

The Linode Managed Database offering was initially developed by Linode before the Akamai acquisition and will support the MySQL database’s open-source version. The Linode DBaaS offering is set to be available in Linode’s 11 global data centres with plans to grow into the larger Akamai network footprint over the course of the year.

“Linode has been building out the managed database service over the course of 2022 and in recent months ahead of the full launch has focused on enabling a reliable service that can be rapidly deployed in any of Linode’s data centres. We’ll be able to deploy this capability eventually into hundreds of locations, getting data that much closer to the customers, driving latency down and just improving overall performance,” said Blair Lyon, Vice President of Cloud Experience, Linode.

Linode has had a strong focus on small and midsize organisations that were looking for an alternative to larger public cloud providers such as AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure; Akamai has tended to focus on larger organisations. The initial launch of the Linode Managed Database service was with MySQL, as it was the most requested database by Linode’s users. Lyon said the vendor plans to add support for PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB in the coming months.