Athreon Launches Front-End Speech Recognition Solution


Athreon, a leading business and knowledge process outsourcing company, announced today the launch of its new front-end speech recognition solution for healthcare. Athreon’s speech recognition empowers physicians to focus on patient care versus administrative, electronic health record (EHR) tasks. The company’s technology improves workflow and operational performance while strengthening patient reporting and revenue generation.

Athreon’s president, Sterling Garde, said, “While we’ve successfully used back-end speech recognition for years to bolster accuracy, consistency, and turnaround, we waited to deploy front-end speech because of the frustrations many physicians voiced about it from competing solutions. We wanted to get this right, and we’re confident we have.” Athreon’s speech recognition will help providers return their focus to patient care, lower costs, and leave charting work in the office.

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Features and benefits of Athreon’s front-end speech recognition include:

  • Cost. Save substantially compared to competing front-end speech solutions.
  • Cloud Based. Access the technology on your desktop or mobile device.
  • HIPAA Compliant. Like all Athreon solutions, its speech recognition is highly secure.
  • Mac & Windows Compatible. Work in the environment you prefer.
  • Browser Agnostic. Use Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox browsers.
  • EHR Agnostic. Athreon’s solution works with most EHRs – interface optional.
  • EHR Redundancy. A true backup for planned/unplanned EHR downtime.
  • Online Portal. Stay organised with a document archive.
  • Mobile Compatibility. Athreon’s speech recognition works with iOS and Android.
  • Full/Partial Dictations. Record as much or little as you need.
  • Editing Options. Self-edit or escalate jobs to an Athreon editor for review.

Athreon speech recognition reduces EHR screen time so providers can return their focus to patient care. When physicians leave charting at the office, they return to work feeling enthusiastic about practicing medicine. On average, Athreon speech recognition users reduce charting time by two hours per day.