Atos Launches Managed Detection And Response Service For The Media Industry


Atos has launched a new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) cybersecurity service for the media and entertainment industry, addressing media and video content piracy and protecting organisations against targeted cyber threats.

As media companies play a vital role in forming a public outlook, their high-quality content makes them an ideal target for cyber threat actors and piracy, resulting in revenue loss. In this context, the Atos solution aims to prevent illegal content distribution and protect it against data breaches and exfiltration.

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This offering is based on Atos’ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services , a leading-edge cybersecurity solution powered by proven artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and edge computing. It includes Viaccess-Orca’s anti-piracy centre, with its dynamic watermarking service, to combat the sophisticated cyber threats that target the content video industry.

With Atos MDR for Media, customers benefit from:

  • Expert guidance and services from a cybersecurity services leader complemented with services from a media content protection expert
  • High-speed anti-piracy and threat detection, containment, and automated response
  • End-to-end artificial intelligence-driven security monitoring and orchestration managed by a team of cybersecurity experts that are adept at handling media threats

Chris Moret, Senior Vice President, Head of Cybersecurity Services at Atos, said: “Media and entertainment companies are highly vulnerable to cyber threats and face attacks from unique APT groups, hacktivists, for-profit cybercriminals, among other types of hackers.

“Our new MDR for media offering considers the unique needs of these organisations and offers them the best protection against such attacks. It enables faster and targeted threat detection and response to protect our client’s high-value content.”