Attacks Using Encryption Are Breaching 70% Of Organisations

Research reveals today’s organisations face skyrocketing workloads, increasingly sophisticated threats, and poor threat visibility – leading to multiple breaches for 45 per cent of them

Vectra AI, the provider of Security AI-driven hybrid cloud threat detection and response, has released a report on “The Evolving role of Network Detection and Response (NDR)”. It highlights why today’s security teams find it increasingly difficult to detect and stop cyber threats targeting their organisations. The research found that 70 per cent of organisations have fallen victim to an attack that used encrypted traffic to avoid detection. Almost half (45 per cent) admitted they have fallen victim multiple times. Worryingly, two-thirds (66 per cent) still don’t have visibility into all their encrypted traffic, leaving them highly vulnerable to further encrypted attacks.

The report shows that cybersecurity and networking professionals are struggling against rapidly increasing threat detection and response workloads, preventing analysts from dealing with sophisticated threats. Key findings include:

  • 45 per cent of cybersecurity and networking professionals feel threat detection and response workloads have increased – 40 per cent citing more resources in the cloud, and 36 per cent more devices on the network
  • 37 per cent believe the sophistication of threats has increased, making it difficult for analysts to spot legitimate attacks
  • 69 per cent agree that the lag between exploitation and detection gives attackers too much time to breach a network – with 29 per cent also citing communication issues between SOC and other IT teams
  • 23 per cent believe SOC analysts do not have the right level of skills, and one in five (18 per cent) believe they’re understaffed – suggesting security analysts are not equipped to deal with the scale of cyberattacks they face
  • 60 per cent of SMBs feel threat detection and response are now harder – showing smaller organisations are struggling to keep pace with the evolving cybercrime landscape

“Organisations face a barrage of threats on all fronts — in their network, cloud and IT environments — while cybercriminals use techniques like encryption to breach firms undetected. What’s more, many don’t have the skills or staff to deal with increasing security workloads,” comments Mark Wojtasiak, VP Product Strategy at Vectra. “To stem the tide against them, security teams need total visibility into their environments to spot the signs of an attack before it becomes a breach. By empowering analysts with AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence, organisations can prioritise otherwise unknown and urgent threats that pose the greatest risk to the business. This improves analyst throughput by reducing alert noise, and arms them to reduce risk and keep organisations safe.”