AUDIENCEX Reimagines Data Science for Programmatic Advertising with AX Intelligence Solution


The privacy-first solution provides access to 100% consented and opted-in data, predictive modelling, continuous optimisation, and custom audience scaling

AUDIENCEX, the AI-enabled, data-driven programmatic advertising partner built for delivering measurable performance, announced the launch of their AUDIENCEX Intelligence (AXi) solution, a set of privacy-safe predictive models used to understand the behaviour of customers to improve advertising performance.

With custom algorithms working alongside AI-powered predictive analytics leveraged throughout the customer journey, AXi is an end-to-end solution for midmarket brands and independent agencies to maximise their ROAS without investing considerable overhead into costly and resource-intensive data science solutions. By leveraging extensive historical and log-level data, privacy-first data science, and advanced behavioural science, AXi provides clients with complete visualisation of their existing consumer data while building predictive performance models and providing visibility into audience conversion pathways.

To power their data science and behavioural analysis, AUDIENCEX has secured access to the world’s largest fully consented, opted-in consumer data set in the industry, enabling AXi to model predictive, custom audiences and enable clients to scale their audiences and expand their consumer bases efficiently, with in-depth expertise across verticals and historical learnings. AXi is a solution built from the ground up to be privacy-safe by design, providing clients full compliance with continuously evolving data and privacy regulations by ensuring that personally identifiable information is never accessed, handled, or stored.

Garrett MacDonald, Chief Commercial Officer at AUDIENCEX, suggests that: “With an increasingly fragmented and highly competitive digital landscape, we’re helping our clients deliver improved business outcomes with sophisticated data science tools that gauge and predict in-market consumer motivators and significantly enhance performance across the full consumer journey.”

“At a time when marketers are navigating unprecedented uncertainty and economic pressure to extend their budgets ever further, the predictive solutions offered by AXi provide greater confidence that every ad dollar spent is being optimised,” added Jason Wulfsohn, Chief Executive Officer at AUDIENCEX. “We’re keenly aware of the many factors challenging brands and agencies today and have engineered AXi to ensure that our clients remain ahead of the curve not only on performance but on privacy regulations, scalability, and efficiency in spend.”

As data access continues to be the largest differentiator and driver of performance, many brands and independent agencies have struggled to keep pace with their larger competitors. The AXi solution is engineered to provide significantly wider access to these advanced tools and level the playing field for AUDIENCEX clients.