BEDU Officially Launches Operations In Dubai


BEDU has embarked on a range of innovative projects that will span 2022 and beyond

BEDU announced its UAE launch along with a pledge to empower businesses, governments, and individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to ‘build the next digital frontier’. BEDU was formed to bring expertise and investment from around the world to the UAE to accelerate the realisation of the vision for Web3, blockchain, NFT (non-fungible tokens) and the Metaverse.

“BEDU is committed to creating a world-leading blockchain, Web3, and Metaverse solutions within the UAE and then expanding that progress throughout the MENA region and beyond, because we see the country as a potential Silicon Valley for NFTs and blockchain. We are born out of the UAE, but global in our vision for the next iteration of humanity’s shared digital world. We are the leader in the blockchain space – a gateway to the Metaverse for the UAE and the region. Together with our clients, we shall build a new virtual economy and the next digital frontier,” said Khaled Al Huraimel, Co-Founder and Chairman, BEDU.

The company’s leadership and technical teams collectively aggregate decades of international experience working with governments, brands, and businesses. Khaled Al Huraimel is a leading Emirati tech entrepreneur, AI thought leader and a strong advocate for digitalisation, having founded several startups as well as serving on several boards.

Bedu World is to be announced soon and is designed with a unique futuristic approach, and will be an extremely sophisticated and advanced approach, based on a unique blockchain implementation that BEDU has developed. This proprietary Metaverse will be a breakthrough in its visual and technological implementation and will provide the ability to capitalise on the realm’s limitless potential as it gives rise to a new digital economy characterised by tokenomics and blockchain.

BEDU has embarked on a range of innovative projects that will span 2022 and beyond. This includes UAE NFT, an Emirates-based NFT collection that is investing in the advancement of the digital space, the metaverse, and Web3, with a vision to progressively build a community within the industry.