Blattner Tech Acquires a Project Management Solution to Expand Its Predictive Analytics Capabilities


Blattner Tech, the provider of Predictive Transformation services and tools in the data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning industry, has announced its acquisition of a project management solution designed to help companies better manage project risk. The move is part of Blattner Tech’s strategic plan to offer end-to-end solutions that integrate technology, processes, and people.

“We see numerous opportunities to improve the way companies manage large-scale projects by introducing predictive analytics to help project managers ensure projects are completed on time and within budget,” said Russ Blattner, the CEO of Blattner Technologies. “With the advancements in technology, we are excited to see how Machine Learning can improve project outcomes.”

Blattner Tech further expounded by announcing their new natural language processing (NLP) and Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities to be added to their Project Management software, which will enable project managers to ask questions about their projects and receive answers based on predictive analytics. With this new development, project managers will be able to get real-time insights and predictions, improving the accuracy of their decision-making. 

This latest acquisition is the fourth in a string of acquisitions by Blattner Tech over the last 12 months, proving its position as a leading provider of predictive transformation, empowering businesses to unlock new innovations from concept to completion and helping them increase revenue and improve their bottom line.