BLOOVO, CI Capital To Streamline Recruitment Using AI


UAE-based BLOOVO announced a partnership agreement with Egypt’s investment banking company CI Capital Holdings to supply it with an artificial intelligence recruitment tool.

The technology company, a specialist provider of AI-powered recruitment solutions, HYRDD will be supplying the AI-powered Applicant Tracking System.

This comes as BLOOVO pushes forward to expand across Egypt by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform the HR industry.

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“This partnership comes at a time when Egypt’s digital transformation soars as more firms recognise the importance of AI in improving the way firms run their business processes,” CEO of BLOOVO, Ahmad Khamis, said.

On the Egyptian Exchange, CI Capital Holding offers diversified financial services, including investment banking, leasing, and microfinance products and services.

The deployment of HYRRD will equip the investment bank’s hiring teams with tools and resources to streamline their recruitment process and eliminate inefficiencies.