BrainChip Launches Neuromorphic Process For AI At The Edge


Company welcomes enterprises to the Edge with AIoT PCIe board and board design layout

BrainChip Holdings Ltd, a leading provider of ultra-low-power high-performance AI technology and the world’s first commercial producer of neuromorphic AI chips and IP, announced that it has begun taking orders for the first commercially available Mini PCIe board leveraging its Akida advanced neural networking processor, rounding out its suite of AKD1000 offerings.

The AKD1000-powered Mini PCIe boards can be plugged into a developer’s existing system to unlock capabilities for a wide array of edge AI applications, including Smart City, Smart Health, Smart Home and Smart Transportation. BrainChip will also offer the full PCIe design layout files and the bill of materials (BOM) to system integrators and developers to enable them to build their boards and implement AKD1000 chips in volume as a stand-alone embedded accelerator or as a co-processor.

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The new boards help usher in a new era of AI at the edge due to their performance, security, low power requirements, and the ability to perform AI training and learning on the device itself, without dependency on the cloud. The production-ready chips provide high-speed neuromorphic sensor data processing at a low cost, high speed and deficient power consumption. The PCIe boards are immediately available for pre-order on the BrainChip website.

“I am excited that people will finally be able to enjoy a world where AI meets the Internet of Things,” said Sean Hehir, BrainChip CEO. “We have been working on developing our Akida technology for more than a decade and with the full commercial availability of our AKD1000, we are ready to execute on our vision fully. Other technologies are not capable of the autonomous, incremental learning at an ultra-low power consumption that BrainChip’s solutions can provide. Getting these chips into as many hands as possible is how the next generation of AI becomes a reality.”

The launch of BrainChip’s new PCIe board closely follows the company’s development kit offerings introduced in October. The two development kits – an x86 Shuttle PC development kit and an ARM-based Raspberry Pi development kit – both include the AKD1000 chip on a Mini PCIe board and are available to partners, large enterprises and OEMs.