CareNiva Launches AI-Powered Telehealth Platform 


The company is looking to disrupt the technology-enabled healthcare delivery industry with a new platform

CareNiva announced the launch of its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Telehealth platform. CareNiva leverages cutting-edge AI technology to deliver a global healthcare solution for providers. Physician visits can take place across all platforms, making it easy and seamless to deliver care from anywhere at any time. Along with its telehealth platform, CareNiva is offering the CareNivaLabs app, which enables doctors to capture key data points. The goal is to augment quality decisions made during patient visits.

‘CareNiva is taking telehealth delivery into the future’, said Jay Talaviya, CEO and Co-Founder of CareNiva. ‘Because the overall telehealth trend is significant and rapidly emerging as the future of healthcare, we expect to power the coming exponential growth of telehealth visits.’

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The CareNiva platform comprises an all-in-one HIPAA-compliant solution. It offers all the features a doctor needs to engage in an effective medical practice on a telehealth basis. This includes visit management, which is a weak spot in many current telehealth solutions. It’s easy to use, for both doctor and patient. ‘Stability, reliability, and be able to serve millions on the platform effectively is critical’, said Alex, CTO and Co-founder of CareNiva. With CareNiva, a physician can increase practice revenues and expand his or her patient base with relative ease.

The company is looking to disrupt the technology-enabled healthcare delivery industry, which has an expected market size of over $550 billion by 2027. The telehealth market is growing by 25 per cent YoY. The COVID-19 Pandemic has increased quick acceptance and adoption of video visits based on safety, privacy and convenience as almost 80 per cent of primary care visits can potentially convert into Telehealth visits. Telehealth visits are cost-effective and can reduce overhead by 50 per cent or more. This is a win-win for providers and patients. Professionals have been very comfortable with the new online culture as it helps their businesses thrive in competitive markets.