CDNetworks Upgrades WAAP Solution

CDNetworks Upgrades WAAP Solution

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution upgrade enables organisations to effectively tackle the increasingly severe web security threats with confidence.

CDNetworks, an organisation delivering edge as a service, announced that it has upgraded its WAAP Solution with a newly launched Cloud Security 2.0 Platform. This upgrade enhances the platform’s adaptive protection capabilities and usability to meet the needs of today’s demanding business requirements for one-stop management while offering protection customised for a myriad of business scenarios. This enables organisations to effectively tackle the increasingly severe web security threats with confidence.

Doyle Deng, Head of Global Marketing and Product at CDNetworks, said, “The release of our latest AI-powered Cloud Security 2.0 platform and the subsequent upgrade of our WAAP solution signify an important milestone towards offering businesses a robust and adaptive web application and API protection. Leveraging the power of AI to intelligently analyse domain logs, craft precise defence rules, and boost threat detection capabilities makes the new AI Central Engine instrumental in countering constantly evolving cyber threats. This upgrade embodies our unwavering commitment to proactively protect organisations’ online operations, enabling them to confront the intensifying security threats with confidence and efficiency. The launch of our Cloud Security 2.0 platform doesn’t just symbolise the sum of our past efforts in the field of cloud security. Rather, it paves the way for future innovations in protection measures against the most complex attacks. The positive impact of this newly upgraded platform will be felt for many years to come.”

The newly released CDNetworks Cloud Security 2.0 Platform supports the Unified Protection Engine. This engine provides comprehensive and efficient protection for businesses facing complex attack scenarios by coordinating 5 General Modules (Intelligence, Whitelist, Geo/IP/Region Blocking, Rate Limiting, and Custom Rules) and 4 Scenario-based Protection Modules (DDoS Protection, Bot Management, API Security, and WAF). This double-punch delivers a number of unrivalled features in an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. For example, Organizations can adopt comprehensive protection for their businesses simply by setting a unified policy or reusing settings under appropriate domains.

Furthermore, to provide organisations with clear insights into a business’ security posture in the face of complex attacks, CDNetworks’ Cloud Security 2.0 Platform provides a unified dashboard page that integrates a variety of web-side traffic and logs covering different attack dimensions. This facilitates rapid analysis and response to sudden attacks. Additionally, organisations can leverage standard API interfaces to connect with their existing origin protection system, enabling synchronised data and policy management to work in concert with existing security operations.