Cerebras and G42 Upgrades Condor Galaxy AI Supercomputers

Cerebras and G42 Break Ground on Condor Galaxy 3, an 8 exaFLOPs AI Supercomputer

Condor Galaxy 3 will deliver 8 exaFLOPs of AI with 58 million AI-optimised cores, providing unparalleled processing power and efficiency.

Cerebras Systems, a generative AI solution provider, and G42, the Abu Dhabi-based  technology holding group, announced the build of Condor Galaxy 3 (CG-3), the third cluster of their constellation of AI supercomputers, Condor Galaxy. 

Kiril Evtimov, Group CTO of G42, said, “With Condor Galaxy 3, we continue to achieve our joint vision of transforming the worldwide inventory of AI compute through the development of the world’s largest and fastest AI supercomputers. The existing Condor Galaxy network has trained some of the leading open-source models in the industry, with tens of thousands of downloads. By doubling the capacity to 16 exaFLOPs, we look forward to seeing the next wave of innovation Condor Galaxy supercomputers can enable.”

Andrew Feldman, CEO and Co-founder of Cerebras, said, “We are proud that our newly announced CS-3 systems will play a critical role in our pioneering strategic partnership with G42.  Condor Galaxy 3 and the follow-on supercomputers, will together deliver tens of exaflops of AI compute. This marks a significant milestone in AI computing, providing unparalleled processing power and efficiency.”

Featuring 64 of Cerebras’ newly announced CS-3 systems – all powered by the industry’s fastest AI chip, the Wafer-Scale Engine 3 (WSE-3) – Condor Galaxy 3 will deliver 8 exaFLOPs of AI with 58 million AI-optimised cores.