Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Smartlook


Cisco is announcing its intent to acquire Smartlook, a privately held company headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic. It represents a big step forward in delivering even more value for Cisco AppDynamics and the Full-Stack Observability Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution, with new application and user experience insights, analytics, and troubleshooting capabilities.

Creating Seamless Digital Experiences 

Organisations expect digital services to be high-performing and intuitive, with easy-to-navigate user experiences. Poor user experience directly impacts digital business outcomes, and improving that experience can positively impact customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and revenue generation.

DEM tracks the performance and quality of an end user’s digital experience on a mobile device, desktop, browser, or game console, as well as the experience through a digital endpoint like an API, IoT device, SaaS service, or application agent. Our customers expect us to provide capabilities for end-to-end monitoring of an experience for users accessing applications and services hosted anywhere from any location using any device. DEM technologies seek to observe and model users’ behaviour as a continuous flow of interactions in the form of user journeys.

Smartlook takes an enhanced industry approach to Real User Monitoring (RUM) as a critical component of DEM. It utilises session recordings with event-based analytics to analyse end-user digital behaviour and provides insights into user interactions in the production application environments. This enables organisations to efficiently troubleshoot hard-to-replicate digital behaviour anomalies and analyse user interaction trends across the web and mobile application platforms, helping them to optimise user experiences and business outcomes.

Cisco is committed to helping our customers optimise their digital experiences. The Smartlook team brings extensive expertise in designing and developing user experience (UX) platforms with web and mobile capabilities, which helps further strengthen Cisco AppDynamics and the upcoming Cisco FSO Platform (general availability in June 2023) to meet our customers’ growing digital experience demands.