Claroty, Siemens Partner With Ruggedcom Integration


The integration delivers best-in-class cybersecurity and communications solutions for industrial and critical infrastructure enterprises operating in harsh environments.

Claroty, the industrial cybersecurity company, announced the full integration of The Claroty Platform within Siemens’ Ruggedcom Multi-Service Platform, including the Ruggedcom RX1500 series of managed, modular switches and routers and the Ruggedcom APE1808 industrial application hosting platform. The joint solution combines Claroty’s comprehensive visibility, threat detection, risk and vulnerability management, and secure remote access capabilities with Ruggedcom’s fast and reliable communications for electric power, transportation, oil and gas, and other industries with operations in harsh environments.

Leveraging the built-in switching and routing capabilities of the Ruggedcom RX1500, customers can deploy The Claroty Platform on the Ruggedcom APE1808, providing a simplified, single-box solution to secure operational technology (OT) environments. The joint solution is ideal for use across highly distributed networks such as electric transmission grids and oil and gas pipelines. Physical space, power consumption, and bandwidth are all precious commodities.

“The critical nature of OT demands a unique approach towards reliable connectivity and cybersecurity, especially in the face of increasing OT/IT collaboration,” said Jeremy Bryant, General Manager, Siemens Ruggedcom. “We wanted to provide our customers with an easy way of deploying advanced cybersecurity solutions in harsh environments. With Claroty’s software embedded in Ruggedcom APE1808, we are offering customers a single box, pre-validated and complete solution for visibility and threat detection for large-scale industrial environments.”

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The Ruggedcom RX1500 series of managed, modular switches and routers offer a utility-grade multi-service platform certified for reliable communications for mission-critical applications in harsh environments. These versatile devices offer multiple connectivity options, including Copper and Fiber Ethernet, WAN and 4G LTE wireless to ensure high availability and reliable operation between temperature extremes of -40° Celsius (-40º Fahrenheit) to +85° C (185º F). They support VPN and firewall functions while ensuring data security at the Local Area Network (LAN). Ruggedcom RX1500 devices are typically the main entry point between the LAN and the WAN, forming a secure gateway to the industrial control system (ICS).

The Ruggedcom APE1808 is a powerful industrial application hosting platform and a line module for the RX1500 family of switches and routers. The Ruggedcom RX1500 family and the APE1808 provide a standards-based platform for commercially available software applications in OT environments and eliminate the complications and costs of installing an external industrial PC.

“By integrating The Claroty Platform with leading industrial solutions such as Siemens’ Ruggedcom, we are enabling customers to seamlessly connect our platform with their existing infrastructure, thereby achieving effective industrial cybersecurity without the costly burden of a steep learning curve or incompatible tech stack,” said Keith Carter, Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances, Claroty. “The combination of Claroty’s software and Siemens’ industrial automation hardware both simplifies deployment within existing networking infrastructure and accelerates time to value for customers.”

The Claroty Platform is a complete industrial cybersecurity solution that comprises Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection, Secure Remote Access, and Edge technologies. It reveals and protects all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets while detecting the earliest indicators of threats via proprietary detection technologies.

With highly flexible and rapid deployment options, a vast integration ecosystem, and robust API, the platform seamlessly integrates with any industrial environment regardless of existing cybersecurity programs’ scale, architecture, or maturity. The platform is also the industry’s only solution with integrated remote incident management capabilities spanning the entire incident lifecycle.