CloudCommerce Uses AI To Deliver Winning Solution For Energy In Focus

The Company’s SWARM solution reduced media costs by more than 60 per cent in the first-round campaign and the client has given the green light for the second round.

CloudCommerce, Inc, a technology-driven provider of digital advertising solutions, announced that SWARM, the Company’s AI-driven advertising solution, reduced media costs by more than 60 per cent for Energy in Focus, a web-based platform that showcases diverse information on energy in California. Based on the first-round results, the client has committed to a second round.

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Energy in Focus turned to CloudCommerce to better understand which creative initiatives would be best for their different audiences, such as B2B partners and its public advocacy audience. SWARM analysed the top 5 previous posts from Facebook and used artificial intelligence to develop creative variations which ran on other media platforms. The result: the cost was reduced by more than 60 per cent.

Now, CloudCommerce is underway with a second round. SWARM will perform optimisation and then scale to new news sources. Also, insights gained from the campaign will be shared with the client to help identify media content that will be relevant to its various constituents.

CloudCommerce recently announced that it will change its corporate name to AiAdvertising, Inc.