Cloudera Unleashes Secure Insights at Unprecedented Scale


Unveiling Game-Changing Blueprint for Secure AI at Scale 

Cloudera, the hybrid data company, recently outlined a path for enterprises to benefit from secure, trusted and responsible AI at scale. A new ready-to-use blueprint for Large Language Model (LLM) helps customers use generative AI based on their data and enterprise context with security and governance. 

The technology offers an LLM Chatbot augmented with enterprise data to successfully leverage enterprise AI in a trusted, secure, and responsible manner. This solution provides a roadmap for implementing generative AI using large language models within companies. While publicly available AI services may be appealing, companies often require interactive experiences based on their proprietary data and in the appropriate context without sharing their data with external services. By leveraging LLMs with enterprise data, businesses can construct their own AI applications using their preferred open-source LLM, using their data and hosting everything internally. This empowers data scientists, ML teams, and all developers and lines of business, democratising AI within the organisation.

“The world’s AI market is rapidly evolving. The reality is that data and enterprise context will be the constant to any LLM or AI models’ success,” said Ahmad Shakora, Group Vice President, Emerging Markets at Cloudera. “We have been helping enterprises gain value from AI and ML for years. We will continue to innovate and invest heavily in our entire product suite so that customers can benefit from trusted, secure and responsible AI-based applications.”

Cloudera enabled OCBC Bank, Southeast Asia’s second-largest financial services group, to integrate AI at scale across the organisation. As a result, OCBC Bank experienced increased revenue by analysing real-time contextual data from customer conversations related to sales, service, and other aspects, driving customer innovation and operational efficiency.

On average, nine out of ten of the top largest global companies in various industries trust Cloudera with their data assets, resulting in managing 25 million terabytes of data with the company’s solutions. 

The ability to leverage the cloud enables businesses to manage and unlock the value of their data across private and public clouds. Open Data Lakehouse brings together the capabilities of a data warehouse and a data lake to power business intelligence, AI and machine learning (ML) solutions. At the same time, companies have the flexibility to deploy across the private and public clouds of their choice with similar experiences. 

“Cloudera has developed a best-in-class hybrid open data lakehouse solution,” said Daniel Newman, CEO and Chief Analyst of The Futurum Group. “Managing 25 million terabytes of customer data is on par with the hyperscalers. This places them in a unique position to help companies unlock value from their data, no matter where it resides. At the same time, the data is AI ready for enterprises to benefit from current and future developments in AI.”