Compucom Leverages Intel vPro Platform to Advance the Hybrid Digital Workplace for Enterprises


Compucom, an IT managed services provider, announced it would leverage the Intel vPro platform based on 13th Gen Intel Core processors to create exceptional enterprise employee user experiences no matter if the employee works at corporate offices, in the field, or from home.

In 2022, according to McKinsey, 58% of Americans had the opportunity to work from home at least once a week, and 35% had the option of five days per week. The pandemic forced remote work onto companies, and now there’s no turning back: those wanting to be an employer of choice should note that 87% of workers provided the chance of flexible work take it. A Gallup survey in June of 2022 found that eight in ten people are working hybrid or remotely, while only two in ten are entirely on-site.

“Partnering with Intel enables us to lead in innovation as an enterprise-managed service provider that offers secure, end-to-end device lifecycle, workflow, infrastructure and cloud management capabilities personalised to every customer’s environment,” says Josh Finke, Chief Solutions Officer at Compucom.

Finke added that with vPro, Intel enables Compucom to provide its enterprise customers with greater performance, enterprise management, security, and remote capabilities, all without increasing power consumption.

Finke cited two examples where Intel’s vPro platform enables Compucom to leverage robust capabilities for enterprises:

  • Continually decrease costs and improve user experience through enhanced remote technical support, remediation and business enablement for our customers
  • Seamlessly integrate into Compucom’s automation tools, leveraging AI & machine learning to detect, solve, and prevent IT problems, oftentimes before users even perceive an issue.

“At Compucom, we bring together the best in technology, people, and customer-centric innovation to ensure exceptional user experiences while advancing the digital workplace,” says CEO Kevin Shank. “We’re pleased to leverage the Intel vPro platform today and look forward to having partnership access to new generations of Intel technologies in the months and years to come.”