CoreSite, Zenlayer Partner To Simplify Global Connectivity 


CoreSite, a hybrid IT solutions provider, announced a partnership with Zenlayer, a leading global edge cloud service provider.

CoreSite customers can now access Zenlayer’s Cloud Networking and Bare Metal Cloud services through CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange to instantly deploy applications worldwide via an ultra-low latency private network.

CoreSite deploys high fibre and virtual connections on the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange, a leading interconnection provider. The Company offers highly scalable and compliant cloud-adjacent digital campuses with on-net, low latency connectivity to leading cloud availability zones, CDNs and global network service providers in US markets. With the addition of Zenlayer Cloud Networking, CoreSite customers can now connect directly to public/private clouds and enterprise SaaS in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Zenlayer Cloud Networking is an on-demand network-as-a-service (NaaS) that enables businesses to build private, full-mesh global networks in minutes. Real-time interactive applications with global users particularly benefit from Cloud Networking as it lowers latency and jitter by up to 40 per cent compared to the public internet.* Additionally, businesses can access their telemetry data to have end-to-end visibility of their network status, connectivity quality, latency, and resource utilisation.

“We are excited to offer more interconnectivity options for customers looking to expand their borders and tap into high-growth markets,” says Maile Kaiser, CoreSite’s SVP of Sales and Marketing. “By adding Zenlayer to the Open Cloud Exchange, our customers can easily reach clouds and data centres in fast-growing emerging markets such as Asia-Pacific, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. And these services are highly scalable, with accelerated speed to market and reduced upfront costs.”

In addition, Cloud Networking interconnects with Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud, enabling CoreSite customers to instantly deploy high-performance, dedicated servers in 58 cities across 30 countries.

“We are thrilled that Zenlayer is now part of the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange,” says Joe Zhu, Founder and CEO of Zenlayer. “Together, Zenlayer and CoreSite will make it easier and faster for businesses to build hybrid and multi-cloud solutions across the globe. With our joint offering, CoreSite customers will be able to deliver the same seamless digital experiences to users in new markets, ultimately increasing both user retention and revenue.”

Other Highlights

  • CoreSite and Zenlayer – Extend your infrastructure and expand your business capabilities with Zenlayer’s Cloud Networking, Bare Metal Cloud, and  Edge Data Centre services
  • Tap into emerging markets like Southeast Asia and India with Zenlayer – Reach new customers in the fastest-growing internet region in the world.
  • CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange – Connect across the US and simplify your multi-cloud, multi-site network configuration
  • CoreSite’s Inter-Site Connectivity – The freedom to scale without constraints through connectivity between data centre sites and across regions
  • CoreSite’s Northern Virginia and Los Angeles Campuses – Scale your Digital Business in a Data Centre Campus that meets your performance and growth needs now and in the future
  • Accelerate Your Digital Business with CoreSite – Read about the competitive advantages your business can benefit from by working with a network-dense, cloud-enabled colocation provider like CoreSite

*This percentage is based on internal Zenlayer performance management analytics.