Cowbell, Millennial Shift Technologies Partner To Deliver Cowbell Prime 100 And 250


Brokers will now be able to access Cowbell’s offerings on Millennial Shift Technologies’ platform mFactor

Cowbell, the provider of cyber insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), announced a partnership with Millennial Shift Technologies, a custom-branded e-trading platform suite. The partnership will deliver Cowbell’s groundbreaking cyber insurance programs, Cowbell Prime 100 and 250, on Millennial Shift’s e-trading broker platform, mFactor.

Now, more than ever, brokers are looking for ways to complete business transactions online. According to Deloitte’s “2022 Insurance Industry Outlook” report, online platforms such as mFactor are essential for achieving most digital transformation goals as they serve as a key enablers of workforce technology and operational flexibility. This integration empowers insurance brokers to instantly deliver bindable cyber insurance quotes to clients, offering clients best-in-class products through digital API connectivity and an aggregated e-trading platform.

“Our mission is to empower brokers by allowing them to be more efficient in today’s busy marketplace through our personalised customer engagement e-trading suite anywhere and anytime,” says Mark Meury, CEO of Millennial Shift Technologies. “We are excited to partner with Cowbell and advance that mission by offering their digital cyber insurance products online to our broker partners so they can continue to work with their trusted underwriters and remain the broker of record.”

“Through our partnership with Millennial Shift Technologies, we are able to offer cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses in the digital age,” says Erin Dyer Blain, Sr. Director, Digital and Affinity Partnerships at Cowbell. “We are committed to providing brokers the services better to assist their operations in the ever-evolving threat landscape.”

The new solution services businesses with up to $250 million in revenue with the Cowbell Prime 250 cyber insurance product, which bundles risk management resources with every policy, allowing policyholders to improve their cyber risk profile continuously.