CyberProof Announces Partnership With Radiflow


CyberProof announced that it will be adding Radiflow, a leading provider of cyber security solutions for industrial networks, to its partner network. The new partnership strengthens CyberProof’s ability to provide comprehensive Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services for converged IT/OT systems and support the cyber security needs of Distributed Control Systems (DCS)/ICS and SCADA networks. CyberProof uses its proprietary CyberProof Defence Center (CDC) platform to provide a single platform, through which security teams can detect and mitigate threats across both the IT and OT environments.

As seen in several recent, high-profile breaches on Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), attackers often can compromise OT networks without being detected because organizations lack an updated inventory of OT assets, processes, and connections. Working with Radiflow allows CyberProof to discover previously unmapped assets in OT environments, maintain a centralised dynamic inventory, and help customers monitor and detect all traffic and communication within the OT network.

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CyberProof’s CDC Platform is pre-integrated with Radiflow’s iSID industrial threat detection system, enabling real-time visibility into changes to assets, ports, and protocols. This integration supports proactive, real-time monitoring across IT and OT environments with full transparency. It enables CyberProof to search for new and known vulnerabilities leveraging the broadest protocol coverage, providing visibility into all industrial network risk variables for OT, IoT & IIoT.

“By working together with Radiflow, we provide a single view and control point for both IT and OT environments – including an integrated Security Operations Center (SOC),” said Tony Velleca, CEO at CyberProof. “We are able to combine Radiflow’s unique technology together with CyberProof’s Use Case Factory, a unique agile framework for continuously improving detection and response against relevant attack scenarios,” Velleca added.

“The partnership with CyberProof extends security monitoring and managed response into the OT space,” said Ilan Barda, CEO at Radiflow. “By integrating Radiflow’s solutions, CyberProof is now able to proactively detect and respond to threats in ICS/SCADA networks and lay out a risk mitigation plan for optimal OT security that meets each customer’s needs and budget,” Barda continued.