Cyfirma Expands Mitsubishi Motors’ Visibility, Strengthens Its Cybersecurity Posture


Leading automobile manufacturers in Japan utilise Cyfirma’s DeCYFIR platform to predict cyberthreats, avert impending attacks, and prevent theft of intellectual property.

Cyfirma, predictive cyber-threat visibility and intelligence analytics platform company announced that Japan-based automobile manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has selected its cloud-based, AI-powered cybersecurity platform, DeCYFIR, to gain full visibility into its external threat landscape, prepare against upcoming attacks, and prevent theft of intellectual property.

It is critical for Mitsubishi Motors to be well equipped in identifying and defending against the increase in cybercriminals looking to target Japan-based companies that own advanced technologies for autonomous driving assistance systems, electric vehicles and connected services. Leveraging Cyfirma’s DeCYFIR platform allows Mitsubishi Motors to gain full visibility into the external threat landscape by monitoring the dark web and tracking any activity or conversation that poses a threat to its business. This ability, coupled with having established computer security incident response teams to collect and analyse cyber threats across various business units, will strengthen Mitsubishi Motors’ cybersecurity posture and increase business resiliency.

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Based on analysis of threat indicators collected from the Deep Web, Dark Web, hacker forums and other closed communities, as well as Cyfirma’s own research, attacks can be predicted using probability prediction models and analytics engines. By providing threat intelligence from the outside, Cyfirma is able to share early warning information when signs of cyber-attacks are detected, enabling Mitsubishi Motors to take rapid action to thwart attempts at intellectual property theft, and other malicious activities.