DAMAC and Vodafone Join Forces

DAMAC and Vodafone invest $100 million in new data center

This strategic partnership between DAMAC and Vodafone aims to develop data centre facilities in both Turkey and international markets.

EDGNEX, a data centre firm by Dubai property company Damac, has announced the establishment of a joint venture company with Vodafone to build a data centre in Izmir, Turkey, with an estimated investment of $100 million. The data centre will have a capacity of 6 megawatts (MW) and is scheduled for completion in 2025. 

Aqil Ali, vice chairman and board member of EDGNEX Data Centres by DAMAC, and Engin Aksoy, CEO of Vodafone Türkiye, attended the press conference in Istanbul for the Vodafone Izmir Data Center project.

Aqil Ali said, “Our joint venture with Vodafone is a significant milestone for DAMAC, providing essential digital infrastructure for the growing market on Turkey’s western coast. The Eastern Mediterranean region has a high demand for data centres, making Izmir, one of the largest and oldest cities in Turkey, an ideal location to meet this need. Our goal is to build global strategic partnerships that will have a major effect on local digital economies, and the collaboration with Vodafone will result in a top-notch facility in a constantly evolving market.”

Engin Aksoy said, “Vodafone holds a significant position in the investment landscape of our country. Our role in the Turkish economy is important as a key player. The real value of our investments over the span of 17 years has exceeded TL 157,6 billion. The Vodafone ecosystem made a significant contribution of TL 68 billion to Turkey’s GDP during the fiscal year of 2022-23. Over the next five years, our plan is to grow exponentially with investments in Data Centre, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Mobile Private Network, and IoT. Also, the cloud computing market is projected to hit 947,3 billion dollars by 2026. We believe that Turkey should take part in this rising economy. In addition, it remains crucial to invest in reliable and high-capacity data centres for cloud computing.”

“Our goal through this strategic partnership is to develop data centre facilities in both Turkey and international markets. Additionally, the data centre we are set to build in Izmir will be our primary joint project. We expect the total investment amount to reach $100 million. Moreover, the data centre will be a major milestone in our technology investments. Vodafone will continue to leverage its global experience and local capabilities to contribute to the sustainable growth of our country,” Engin Aksoy added.