Deepen AI Launches Radar And IMU Sensor Calibration


Deepen AI, a leader in computer vision tools for autonomous systems, announced the launch of Radar and IMU sensor calibrations.

Deepen Calibrate is an easy-to-use web browser-based tool that supports both intrinsic and extrinsic calibrations. Deepen Calibrate cuts down the time spent on calibrating multi-sensor data from hours to minutes, enabling accurate localisation, mapping, sensor fusion perception, and control. Deepen Calibrate now supports 10 calibration pairs.

Deepen AI, has also developed a proprietary Loop-based Calibration Optimiser to identify and fix small errors in multiple sensor calibrations — resulting in highly accurate sensor fusion. Calibration Optimiser works for multiple sensors forming a closed loop. By adding Calibration Optimiser on top of the regular techniques, Deepen AI is able to reduce errors and significantly increase sensor fusion accuracy.

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Deepen Calibrate makes the critical task of sensor data calibration simple and quick. Deepen Calibrate manages the complexities of the calibration process, ensuring accuracy and making autonomous systems safer, while also making a job that typically requires the time of a PhD-level engineer into something anyone can do.

“Our calibration suite is critical to help make the world safer and more productive in line with our mission. With the launch of the RADAR, IMU and optimisation loops we have expanded our offerings to multiple new use cases for robotics, automotives and drones,” said Mohammad Musa, Co-Founder & CEO, Deepen AI.

Licencing and customised packages are available to enterprises. More calibration types are being added regularly.