DFI and Canonical offer risk-free system updates and reduced software lead times for the IoT ecosystem

DFI and Canonical offer risk-free system updates and reduced software lead times for the IoT ecosystem

DFI and Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, signed the IoT Hardware Certification Partner Program. DFI is the world’s first industrial computer manufacturer to offer Ubuntu-certified IoT hardware ready for the over-the-air software update. The online update mechanism and the authorized DFI application store reduce development time to deploy new services. Additionally, DFI’s RemoGuard avoids service interruption, lowers maintenance costs, and responds to establishing a seamless IoT ecosystem.

“By cooperating with Canonical, DFI aims to give IoT developers shorter software introduction timelines and to promote the role of software by lowering the risk of system updates,” said Steven Tsai, President of DFI.

“DFI and Canonical and partner work closely to deliver the best Ubuntu experience on gateways and motherboards.” commented Tom Canning, VP of IoT and devices.” Developers will find it a productive pre-certified environment for a faster route to market.”

DFI’s first wave to pass the certification has three products: EC70A-KU, a fanless embedded system with a wide range of applications, GHF51, the world’s first mini-industrial motherboard equipped with AMD Ryzen™ R1000 processor, and upcoming EC90A-GH, the miniature system based on GHF51.

The certification will guarantee that Ubuntu Core can run optimally for up to 10 years continuously. Ubuntu Core is a modern, safe, and reliable IoT operating system designed for deployment in the production environment. The over-the-air transactional software updates through a cloud-based CICD service ensures that operations remain secure and uninterrupted.

The Snap application format imposes strict restrictions on permissions to increase the operating system’s security, stability, and applications. Using a white-label snap store, companies build a dedicated software repository giving developers a modern software experience from large-scale deployments to remote device management.

DFI’s exclusive RemoGuard out-of-band management is highly complementary to Ubuntu’s Snap software package. With RemoGuard, the operating system partition can be repaired an unlimited number of times remotely, as the most vital cornerstone and solid foundation for DFI solutions.