Digital Realty Announces Its First NVIDIA DGX H100-Ready Data Centre


NVIDIA-certified environment at KIX13 offers high-speed access to support accelerated artificial intelligence workload deployments on PlatformDIGITAL, a global meeting place.

Digital Realty, the largest global provider of cloud and carrier-neutral data centre, colocation, and interconnection solutions, announces KIX13, its newest data centre in Osaka, Japan, has been certified NVIDIA DGX H100-ready as part of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Centre program. 

KIX13 was awarded the accreditation for its ability to provide a dedicated, robust, and resilient environment optimised for intensive computing systems deployments at scale.

DGX H100, the fourth generation of NVIDIA’s purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure, is the foundation of NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD that provides the computational power necessary to train today’s state-of-the-art deep learning AI models and fuel innovation well into the future. With it, enterprise customers can devise full-stack solutions that accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) deployments, allowing for data localisation while meeting the global coverage, capacity and connectivity needs of deploying AI at scale.

AI is swiftly becoming a driving force behind modern technologies across multiple industries, with applications in optimisation, preventive maintenance, virtual assistants, fraud detection, and anomaly detection. Expected to help solve the world’s most challenging problems, the success of AI deployments is dependent on data centres that can provide the high-performance cooling, layout and connectivity required for AI to operate highly effectively.

As modern enterprises adopt AI, leaders in the technology are increasingly seeking access to real-time data as a core strategy to enable instantaneous changes and decision-making. Digital Realty’s highly connected PlatformDIGITA community enables customers to access vast data volumes, allowing them to confidently run AI workloads in an NVIDIA-accelerated environment to innovate and solve the world’s most challenging computational problems while overcoming Data Gravity barriers. With ServiceFabric, Digital Realty’s global service orchestration platform, customers can streamline the management of their hybrid IT infrastructure while gaining access to a growing, open community of partners to which they can connect and utilise for managed services – all on a single, centralised platform.

Thanks to the scale and sophistication of its offerings, broad customer base, and significant technical resources, Digital Realty also provides the precision-engineered power and cooling digital infrastructure that can support the high-power computing needs of AI. At higher workload densities, liquid cooling becomes an attractive option for AI deployments for its more efficient heat dissipation. Digital Realty’s rich pedigree in data centre engineering allows Digital Realty to provision a future-ready data centre environment that can handle the evolution from air to liquid cooling. This also contributes to Digital Realty’s and its customers’ progress towards reducing their Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 68% and Scope 3 emissions by 24% by 2030.

The KIX13 certification marks another milestone in Digital Realty’s and NVIDIA’s collaboration. Digital Realty was one of the first data centre providers to be awarded the “DGX-Ready Data Center” certification at the program’s launch in 2019 and currently operates DGX-Ready data centres in more than 20 markets worldwide, including six sites across Asia Pacific.

“Organisations looking to implement enterprise AI are investing in accelerated computing infrastructure – including hardware and software purpose-built for AI – to deploy their models into production quickly,” says Charlie Boyle, Vice President, DGX Systems, NVIDIA. “With the certification of Digital Realty’s new KIX13 facility in the DGX-ready data centre program, customers can access a flexible, simple option for deploying the world’s leading AI platform.”

“Digital Realty understands the impact AI will have on how businesses drive digital transformation in the future. However, business breakthroughs made possible with AI can only be realised if enterprises can integrate the technology into their operations, and that is where we come in,” says Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Realty. “With Digital Realty’s KIX13 DGX-Ready Data Center certification, we remain focused on delivering a meeting place that allows our customers to accelerate innovation and growth.”

He added, “AI is poised to have a dramatic impact on digital transformation initiatives, and it is critical to have a foundation to remove the Data Gravity barriers that inhibit innovation. PlatformDIGITAL provides an ideal location for the data aggregation, staging, analytics, and management critical for optimising data exchange and maintaining data compliance.”