DigitalOcean Upgrades Backup Service for Growing Businesses

DigitalOcean enhances backup service for growing businesses

Through this upgrade, DigitalOcean aims to free growing businesses from data-related concerns, allowing them to build efficient data resilience strategies.

DigitalOcean, a developer cloud for startups and burgeoning digital businesses, has launched an advanced iteration of its backup service, DigitalOcean Backups. This enhancement comes as a timely safeguard against the rapidly increasing security threats impacting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) during their transition to cloud technology.

Aaqib Gadit, Chief Revenue Officer at DigitalOcean, said, “Through these powerful enhancements to DigitalOcean Backups, growing digital businesses and startups can benefit from flexible, daily backups that provide robust data protection without compromising simplicity or ease of use.” He underscores that as a business expands, its data requirements will grow too, necessitating a solution that can sync with the operational pace of the business.

Dave McCarthy, Research Vice President, Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services at IDC, said, “The introduction of daily backups for DigitalOcean’s Droplet virtual machines is an important step for comprehensive data protection, enabling DigitalOcean on its path to becoming the cloud of choice for startups, ISVs and SMBs.”

Daily backup service for Droplet virtual machines is now available in the NYC3 and SFO3 data centres, and will be accessible in other regions soon. Various businesses ranging from tech-oriented companies with a considerable cloud investment to multi-tenancy businesses, enterprises hosting application instances, and fast-evolving startups can benefit from this enhanced service offering.

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DigitalOcean Backups has been meticulously designed to counteract potential data disruptions. The system accomplishes this by providing enhanced daily, system-level backups among other features. Through this service upgrade, DigitalOcean aims to free growing businesses from the stress of data concerns, allowing them to build efficient data resilience strategies without the need for complicated solutions.

The newly introduced elements of DigitalOcean Backups offer benefits such as daily backups, facilitated by modern storage infrastructure and characterised by a fast backup and recovery capability. Users can backup their ‘Droplets’, or cloud servers, every day and obtain maximised protection for their critical operations. The service promises automatic retention of the seven most recent backups and provides weekly backups that are kept for four weeks. 

A noteworthy feature of the new backup storage system is the use of incremental technology, which ensures that only changed data is backed up, thereby ensuring faster backup times for clients. Another useful improvement is the provision of adjustable backup windows. Customers can designate a 4-hour window for backups to be captured and have the ability to recover not just their Droplets but also any files, applications, or databases associated with them.