Dubai Firms Link Up To Protect HR Data Breaches


Aiming to boost employee morale, Workfam offers UAE companies and employees access to tailored perks, rewards, and wellness experiences

Truly Secure has partnered with Workfam to further increase employee morale within the region while hosting and protecting personal data within a secure platform. The partnership aims to increase security for businesses across various sectors to address the alarming statistic that 32 per cent of companies reported a major cybercrime in the last two years.

Workfam’s engagement solution will be added as an option to Truly Secure’s managed service bundles for existing or new clients, with the aim to increase and stimulate employee engagement within an approved and secure platform.

“Our solutions company is in line with the vision of Sheikh Mohammed and Ohood Al Roumi. We seek to innovate towards a healthier and happier UAE. We envision a strong partnership with Truly Secure as they support our digital security vision, and look forward to further exploring potential growth and expansion within the region,” Cameron Collins, CEO, Workfam.

In line with the UAE’s ambitious goals, Truly Secure offers strategy, data centre, cloud services, cybersecurity, and DevOps to build modern workplaces, ensuring companies are provided with the optimal technological solutions they may require. Following the initial meeting with Workfam, the progressive IT service provider instantly recognised the importance of avoiding potential data breaches, and confidently agreed to partner with the employee solution to further increase the barrier of protection within the HR sector.

The partnership not only reinforces the Workfam platform with the latest and most advanced cybersecurity solutions but provides reassurance to all clients knowing that their data is secure and compliant with international best practices for the industry.