Earnest Analytics Launches Enhanced Transaction Data Panel called Vela Velorum


Earnest Analytics (FKA Earnest Research), the leading data analytics firm for investors, companies, and consulting firms, has launched an enhanced transaction data panel derived from their Vela dataset called Vela Velorum. This panel incorporates new debit card data, increasing the total number of accounts from ~66 million to ~100 million.

Vela Velorum data begins in 2018. The dataset incorporates the same credit card data available in the existing panel, now called Vela Gamma, which begins in 2016.

The Vela Velorum transaction dataset is currently available via S3, Snowflake, and BigQuery. It will also be available in Dash, Earnest’s proprietary web-based analytics platform, in the near future.

“Vela Velorum is a meaningful addition to Earnest’s growing suite of credit card, pricing, CPG, and healthcare data. This larger panel provides unparalleled sample sizes, allowing decision-makers to get the most accurate pulse on consumer behavior down to the city level,” said Natalie Beden, Senior Product Manager.