Element Announces Element Unify Integration With AWS IoT SiteWise For Industrial Customers 


Element, a software provider in IT/OT data management for industrial companies, announced a new offering featuring an API integration between its Element Unify product and AWS IoT SiteWise, a managed service from Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), that makes it easy to collect, store, organise, and monitor data from industrial equipment at scale. The API integration is designed to give customers the ability to centralise plant data-model integration and metadata management, enabling data to be ingested into AWS services, including AWS IoT SiteWise and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) industrial data lake.

Available in AWS Marketplace, the Element Unify AWS IoT Sitewise API integration is designed to allow engineers and operators to monitor operations across facilities, quickly compute performance metrics, create applications that analyse industrial equipment data to prevent costly equipment issues, and reduce gaps in production.

“We are looking forward to bridging the on-premises data models we’ve built for systems like OSIsoft PI to AWS for equipment data monitoring using Element Unify,” said Philipp Frenzel, Head of Competence Center Digital Services at Covestro.

Element also announced its ISO 27001 certification proving both the security controls protect customer data and the Information Security Management System (ISMS) provide governance, risk management, and controls required for modern SaaS applications. Element Unify also supports AWS PrivateLink to provide an additional level of network security and control for customers.

“Our customers are looking for solutions that can help them improve equipment uptime, avoid revenue loss, cut O&M costs, and improve safety,” said Prabal Acharyya, Global Head of IoT Partners for Energy at AWS. “Now, the Industrial Machine Connectivity (IMC) on AWS initiative, along with Element Unify, makes possible a seamless API integration of both real-time and asset context OT data from multiple systems into an industrial data lake on AWS.”

Industrial customers need the ability to digitally transform to maximise productivity and asset availability and lower costs in order to remain competitive. Element Unify, which aligns IT and operational technology (OT) around contextualised industrial IoT data, delivers key enterprise integration and governance capabilities to industrials. This provides them with rich insight, enabling smarter, more efficient operations. By integrating previously siloed and critical time-series metadata generated by sensors across industrial operations with established IT systems, such as Enterprise Asset Management, IT and OT teams can now easily work together using context data for their entire industrial IoT environment.

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“The tie-up between Element and AWS IoT SiteWise not only enhances AWS’s ability to manage IT and OT data together in an industrial data lake but further demonstrates Element’s leading DataOps infrastructure solution for industrial companies,” said Joe Perino, Principal Analyst for LNS Research.

Through the API integration, AWS IoT SiteWise customers can now:

  • Centralise plant data-model integration and metadata management into a single contextual service for consumption by AWS IoT SiteWise.
  • Ingest data directly into AWS services, including AWS IoT SiteWise and Amazon S3 data lake.
  • Integrate and contextualise metadata from IT/OT sources in single-site, multi-site, and multi-instance deployments, and deploy the data model(s) to AWS IoT SiteWise.
  • Enable metadata to be imported into AWS IoT SiteWise from the customer’s systems through Inductive Automation Ignition and PTC KEPServerEX to create context data.
  • Keep both greenfield and brownfield AWS IoT SiteWise asset models and asset hierarchies updated as the Element Unify models adapt to changes in the underlying data.
  • Close the gap between raw, siloed, and disorganised IT/OT data and enriched, contextualised, and structured data that can be easily paired with business intelligence (BI), analytical tools, and condition monitoring tools like AWS IoT SiteWise.
  • Empower the user to build complex asset data models with ease.
  • Build and deploy data models to AWS IoT SiteWise and keep them up to date with changes happening in source systems.
  • Easily create the underlying data models to power AWS IoT SiteWise and many other analytical systems including Amazon SageMaker, Amazon QuickSight, and Amazon Lookout for Equipment.

“Operations data must be easy to use and understand in both the plant and in the boardroom. Industrial organisations who transform their plant data into context data for use in AWS IoT SiteWise, and other AWS services, will drive greater operational insights and achieve breakthrough business outcomes,” said Andy Bane, CEO of Element.