Equifax Brings Differentiated Data to AWS Data Exchange


Equifax is offering select differentiated data assets through AWS Data Exchange, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) service that makes it easy to find, subscribe to and use third-party data in the cloud. This relationship builds on the Equifax Cloud strategy and makes anonymised Equifax Analytic Dataset consumer and loan-level credit data, US Consumer Credit Trends macro-level information, B2bConnect commercial marketing data, IXI economic data, and unique property and housing data quickly and easily available to business customers for improved decision intelligence.

Equifax invested $1.5 billion in its world-class enterprise-wide infrastructure, which is specifically tailored to highly regulated data workloads. The Equifax Cloud is the foundation of the Equifax business and allows seamless, secure delivery of data assets to AWS Data Exchange for customers to easily leverage within their broader AWS workloads.

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The Equifax datasets now available on AWS Data Exchange include:

  • US Consumer Credit Trends, for a unique perspective from Equifax into anonymous, time-series credit data, specifically attributed for trending, market analysis, benchmarking and research purposes. Insights available on the AWS Data Exchange include anonymized consumer auto loan and lease activity, first mortgage originations and delinquencies, and student or personal loan trends.
  • Analytic Dataset, an unbiased 10 per cent statistical sample of anonymised, loan-level credit data representing the US credit active population, allowing users to better model delinquency, default, loss severity and prepayment.
  • B2bConnect commercial marketing data, including verified firmographic information on more than 30 million US businesses, such as vertical industry coding, revenues, number of employees, corporate hierarchy and many other valuable attributes for better targeting of revenue-generating activities.
  • IXI economic data from our exclusive network of more than 95 leading financial institutions. Equifax directly measures about $20 trillion in anonymous US consumer assets and investments, representing over 45 per cent of all US consumer invested assets. IXI data available through the AWS Data Exchange includes, but is not limited to, Income360 household income estimates and Ability to Pay measure of household economic capacity.
  • Property and housing data, including National Property Insights for a comprehensive look at public record data on residential properties across the US and Home Value Trends and Forecasts for US residential properties.

Rigorous data security, compliance and governance standards are the hallmark of Equifax participation in data marketplaces.