Ericsson, MCIT Launches ‘KSA 5G Together Apart’ Hackathon 

Ibrahem Alnasser and Mathias Johansson

In collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ericsson announces the KSA 5G Together Apart Hackathon in Saudi Arabia.

The hackathon consists of inspirational panel discussions and the hackathon competition. The discussions will take place virtually on February 22, 2022, in the presence of industry and thought leaders, and is open to the public to inspire the wider Saudi society.

The competition will bring together qualified mentors with innovators, students, and entrepreneurs from across the Kingdom to create teams that hack for the future and develop solutions that contribute to creating a Vibrant Society, a Thriving Economy, and an Ambitious Nation – the core pillars of Saudi Vision 2030.

The KSA 5G Together Apart Hackathon will task participants to find innovative solutions using 5G based on five themes that align with the long-term vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ericsson calls on young and vibrant Saudis to imagine how 5G can contribute to the pillars of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to transform the nation into a diversified economy. The KSA 5G Together Apart Hackathon comprises of five main challenges with complementary panels to stimulate and inspire the teams’ solutions:

  • Panel and Challenge 1: 5G impact and World-Class Healthcare
  • Panel and Challenge 2: 5G Role and the Future of Entertainment
  • Panel and Challenge 3: Trusted Tourism with the rise of 5G
  • Panel and Challenge 4: Impactful Industrial 5G Technology
  • Panel and Challenge 5: 5G-and-beyond: Smart Cities & Transportation

The KSA 5G Together Apart Hackathon celebrates more than five years of establishing Saudi Vision 2030 and aims to build on the achievements and developments reached so far in the nation’s quest for a Vibrant Society, a Thriving Economy and an Ambitious Nation. Inspired by the elements of Saudi Vision 2030, Ericsson hopes to showcase the power of connectivity and 5G in propelling the nation forward. The KSA 5G Together Apart Hackathon ultimately aims to support Saudi Arabia’s reimagination for advancements in society and the economy through the power of 5G technology.

A total of five winning teams will be chosen – one winning team from each challenge area. The five winning teams will receive support in developing and scaling their solutions. One team will receive the grand prize to visit Ericsson’s headquarters in Sweden to pitch their solution and interact with the entrepreneurial community.

Ibrahem Alnasser, Assistant Deputy for Digital Entrepreneurship and Inclusion at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, says: “5G technology has the power to transform every single citizen’s life, and that is why we have invested in developing this infrastructure. Public and private partnerships are vital to ensuring the goals of the national vision are achieved. By actively engaging with skilled and talented Saudis, we have an opportunity to develop innovative ideas that help to transform our nation. This hackathon is an important platform to foster innovative ideas and develop commercially viable solutions that address the focus areas of Saudi Vision 2030.”

Mathias Johansson, Vice President and Head of Saudi Arabia at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says: “The KSA 5G Together Apart Hackathon is another demonstration of our commitment to Saudi Arabia and its long-term goals. We believe that collaborative efforts are essential to reshaping the Kingdom’s economy and society. In working together with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to establish the hackathon, we are aligning with the technological and innovation mandates of helping to digitally transform the Kingdom, creating efficiencies and new ways of working to future-proof the nation for decades.”