eScan’s Cybersecurity Solutions Provide Proactive Protection Against Kaseya VSA Attacks


Leaders in the cybersecurity domain, MicroWorld Technologies have assured their clients and organisations across the world that security solutions under their flagship brand eScan have the necessary capability to detect and respond to the recent Kaseya VSA cyber-attack that has crippled nearly a million systems to date.

Kaseya VSA was recently hit with a crippling supply chain ransomware attack by the notorious REvil ransomware gang. In order to access the data of what they claim to be over one million systems, the REvil gang, also known as Sodinokibi, has requested $70 million. Hundreds of organisations that were using the software provided by Kaseya VSA were affected as a result of this attack.

The demand for ransom in the Kaseya cyber-attack is one of the most prominent in recent times and, if paid, it would be the largest ransom for a cyber-attack ever paid. The size and sophistication of the attack are terrifying given the expenses that may entail for getting the affected businesses back on their feet.

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In the face of this grave situation, Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO of MicroWorld Technologies offers solace, “With our futuristic technologies spread across a wide range of cybersecurity solutions, we at MicroWorld are confident that we can successfully mitigate this new threat that has risen with eScan’s multilayered approach towards cybersecurity, covering endpoints, networks, servers, and mobiles. In this scenario, our Proactive Behavioural Analysis Module successfully blocks the execution of REvil ransomware that is responsible for the Kaseya VSA cyber-attack.”

Shweta Thakare, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing added, “Ransomware demands a pragmatic approach to deal with the situation ensuring no economic harm is done to the organisation suffering due to the cyber-attack. We strictly maintain a, pay no ransomware, stance since it is a profit-motivated crime and would discourage the cybercriminals further. At the same time, we strengthen our client’s security with our unique technologies, adding value to their disaster recovery plan.”