Expedient Announces Expedient Edge


Company launches comprehensive edge platform to integrate operational and information technology into a cloud operating model with an entry-point appealing to a broad array of companies across various industry sectors and sizes.

Expedient announced a comprehensive end-to-end platform combining built-for-purpose hardware with unprecedented visibility and monitoring, designed to integrate remote environments with an organisation’s central cloud operations. Expedient Edge brings together close to a dozen consumption-based managed services along with remote management. Services include virtual machines, containers, backup, licensing, security, patching and disaster recovery, all in a package built to be set up and deployed by non-IT remote staff.

Expedient Edge is built in partnerships with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware and other leading IT innovators. “Data is increasingly being processed and created at the edge, and by collaborating with industry leaders like Expedient, we are helping organisations efficiently and securely manage data in any environment,” said Gerald Kleyn, vice president and general manager of HPC Solutions & Hardware Platform Engineering, HPC & AI at HPE. “By delivering the HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge System in Expedient Edge, Expedient’s customers gain a rugged and compact system designed to power a range of workloads in harsh edge environments.”

Expedient Edge delivers the following capabilities:

Highly available – The platform is deployed with a minimum of three nodes for N+1 redundancy, ensuring your workloads will be available when needed.

Built for anywhere – Smaller than a carry-on suitcase, Expedient Edge is built to drop into clean computer rooms, not-so-clean wiring closets, and anything in between.

Fully managed – Expedient handles day-to-day maintenance, patching, and break-fix repair of the infrastructure.

Simplicity – Expedient Edge is simple enough for non-IT staff in remote locations to install with minimal instruction. Smart-hands install is also available to perform deployments. Simply plug in power and internet cable – and the remote site is online.

Single management plane – Manage your sites from one single location to make deploying and maintaining your workloads a breeze.

Extend your cloud – Expedient services like Multi-Cloud File Storage, Cloud Data Protection, Push Button Disaster Recovery, Multi-Cloud Firewall and Operations CTRL are all available on the Expedient Edge platform.

Consolidated networking – With integrated switching, your only network requirements are two switch ports and internet connectivity.

Integrated storage – Shared storage is integrated with the platform, so your workloads are available even in the event of a host failure.

Multi-cloud enabled – As an integral part of the Expedient CTRL family of Universal Multi-Cloud Services, Expedient Edge can integrate with infrastructure across the cloud operating model, including On-Prem, Expedient Enterprise Cloud, and Hyperscale Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP).

Powerful – Expedient Edge can be scaled for small deployments for a handful of workloads to powering 100+ servers

Organisations are increasingly looking at the edge as a priority for their long-term IT and business strategy. In fact, a recent analyst note published by 451 Research summarising survey results cited that “almost all respondents (89%) agree with the notion that their digital transformation objectives depend on building efficient and performant edge computing architecture.”

“Many organisations that are intrigued by a cloud model at the ‘edge’ turn to hyperscale cloud providers and are oftentimes shocked at the barriers to entry,” said Expedient CEO Bryan Smith. Optimising the “edge” is an essential element of many organizations’ digital transformation initiatives. “But solutions available till now have been too expensive, too complex, or too limited in functionality. With Expedient Edge, we flip the script. At less than a 10th of the entry price of comparable offerings, yet packing the essential cloud service organisations seek, Expedient Edge is poised to reshape the edge, unify OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology), and help organisations achieve their business outcomes.”

Expedient Edge will come to market via direct and indirect channels, the latter offering proven industry expertise to maximise value and impact. “Connection’s Manufacturing Practice helps thousands of manufacturing clients integrate, automate, and transform manufacturing processes at the edge every day,” said Ryan Spurr, Manufacturing Strategy Director at Connection. “We’re excited to partner with Expedient on their newly released Expedient Edge platform. Through an affordable and simple-to-deploy business model, we’ll deliver valuable business outcomes with high performance, low latency, high-resiliency applications, and advanced capabilities. Expedient Edge makes operational business initiatives easy to deploy, scale, and deliver quick time-to-value, a must for modern manufacturers looking to grow, differentiate, and reduce costs.”