Fauna Adds Region Groups Feature to Meet Data Residency and Regulatory Needs


Fauna, the data API for modern applications, is now offering Region Groups to help application developers maintain the performance and reliability of databases in their applications while ensuring that data residency regulations are met.

Fauna customers will now have access to distinct Region Groups where users can keep their data resident to a specific, major region of the globe.

Developers must maintain high velocity, performance, and reliability of their applications while complying with regulations like GDPR in the EU and FIPS in the US. Developers must meet these data residency requirements while not introducing latency into their applications, according to the vendor.

Leveraging Region Groups will enable users to:

  • Adhere to compliance policies
  • Reduce latency with data closer to users
  • Maintain data residency with high availability
  • No operations necessary

As nations and continents implement their own distinct data residency regulations, developers need to adhere to these considerations when creating their data architecture.

Region Groups lets developers focus on building their applications and let Fauna take care of any data residency requirements.

One important metric that developers consider when selecting a database is the latency it introduces into their applications and in turn how it impacts their customers.

Region Groups keeps data resident within a customer-chosen geographical boundary and ensures that data is served to customers from the closest cloud region.

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When users create a database encompassed within a specific Region Group in Fauna, the database is immediately replicated across multiple regions within the chosen Region Group.

This replication ensures that customers’ database requests are being served from the closest cloud region while meeting data residency requirements.

Because Region Groups automatically replicate data in multiple cloud regions within the geographical boundaries, data is also highly available.

Region Groups are architected for high availability, assuring that the service remains available if any single node should fail. Fauna also takes care of ongoing maintenance and operational best practices to ensure the best possible service guarantees.

Application developers can do all the above while never standing up a server, sharding databases, or trying to find the best cloud regions to maintain low latency and reliability, according to the vendor.