FMS Solutions Advises Independent Retailers on Maximising Customer Experience in 2021


Despite supply chain challenges during the Pandemic, FMS Solutions provides insights into how independents can better prepare for the next new normal

Identify shifts in consumer behaviour and shopping patterns: Consumer behaviour is constantly changing, and it’s even more volatile amid the pandemic. Being proactive with observing trends in behaviour and patterns can provide an edge over the competition.

Listen to customers, and be flexible with the process: People want their problems solved in one way or another. Listening to feedback and adapting to it will help management better understand what potential customers are looking for.

Evaluate resource availability: The pandemic has upended the entire system; limitations in resources and logistics don’t have to hinder your business if planned for accordingly.

Always plan for the unforeseeable: COVID-19 exposed how quickly things can get out of hand without proper planning. Having resources set aside will help soften the blow in times of emergency.

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Establish relationships with several different suppliers and vendors: Relying solely on one supplier or vendor for goods can be a risky proposition, especially now. Having multiple suppliers and vendors ensures your business won’t suffer any bottlenecks from supply chain issues that are out of your control.

Communicate with your base: Talk to your customers. Consumers are more likely to do business with an organisation they feel like they have a relationship or some ties to; simple communication opens the doors to all kinds of opportunities if you know how to ask.

Transparency is key: During times of crisis, crystal clear communication is essential to building a meaningful relationship with your customers. If you didn’t get something right the first time, acknowledge it, and ensure that the business improves. Grocers are a critical part of the community; it’s essential that they are part of the conversation to serve the community better.