Genetec Upgrades its Security Centre

Genetec Upgrades its Security Center

Genetec’s upgraded software delivery model brings map enhancement features, authentication improvements and the latest automation features.

Genetec, a technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, announced an upgraded version of its flagship unified security platform, Security Center. With a shift toward a continuous delivery approach, this version marks a new era in how customers can stay updated with the platform’s latest features and updates. 

Christian Morin, Vice President of Product Engineering and Chief Security Officer at Genetec, said, “The fast-changing security landscape is driving a requirement for rapid innovation. By adopting a continuous delivery model, we can deliver new features and security updates more consistently with less disruption to customers while maintaining the ambitious scale of our innovation strategy.”  

The latest version of Security Center brings new mapping enhancements, including a new map widget for dashboards and improved zoom behaviour, providing a smoother experience for operators, particularly in large city-wide or multi-site deployments.

With the new map widgets, operators can create mini-monitoring tasks in their dashboards, pull cameras (or other entities) from the maps into empty tiles to view video, and easily search for entities they are interested in. The enhanced zoom feature displays or hides layers depending on how much the user zooms in or out. This helps operators see only what’s important at their current zoom level, preventing clutter. 

Security Center has also added the latest configuration enhancements for authentication services, such as a configuration wizard that walks users through the set-up process, a troubleshooting window to help detect and diagnose problems, and a testing window to check that everything is working properly before deploying it into production.

These enhancements help simplify an otherwise complicated system configuration and reduce some of the uncertainty in the process so systems integrators can get the system up and running more quickly.

As part of its continuous delivery model, the latest version of Security Center lays the groundwork for ambitious new platform features that will significantly simplify system configuration, management, and auditing. This will benefit customers looking to lighten the load of day-to-day activities just as much as those managing large, complex facilities. These new features will enable advanced workflow activities, allowing operators to concentrate on tasks needing attention.