Geotab Announces the Release of Data Connector

Geotab Announced the Release of Data Connector

Geotab Inc. announced the release of Data Connector, an integrated intelligence tool designed to help fleets address rising operating costs, supply chain, talent and regulatory pressures.

Leveraging its deep data science and engineering expertise paired with its 22-year understanding of fleet customer needs, Geotab has curated specific data sets and made that accessible through a simple, “no-code” integration with a customer’s preferred business intelligence tool, such as PowerBI, Tableau or Excel.

Geotab-curated data sets can be integrated with customer fleet data from other sources, such as maintenance or accounting systems, enhancing data analysis and automated reporting capabilities. Data Connector also includes report templates to quickly translate a fleet’s curated data into impactful insights while helping to develop custom reporting dashboards.

“Collaboration with our fleet customers uncovered an opportunity to bridge a gap that brings the insights from connected vehicle data into popular BI platforms in order to provide fleets with the ability to access, analyse and report meaningful data insights that matter most to their business,” said Mike Branch, VP of Data and Analytics at Geotab. “Using Data Connector will prevent the siloing of data in organisations, breed more trust, and allow the right business stakeholders to have access to the data in a BI platform they’re already familiar with – which is ideal for all customers, but especially those with limited data management capabilities which would otherwise have to find ways of extracting this insight on their own.”

Data Connector is also an effective and valuable resource for enterprise-level fleets with more established data management programs and technical resources. The tool offers a nimble, efficient and accurate approach to analysing trends related to specific data sets and scales exceptionally well whether you have a fleet of size one or over 100K. Customers can access Data Connector through Geotab’s Marketplace and easily add the tool as a data source in a preferred BI tool using existing MyGeotab login credentials.