Globant Partners with Google Cloud by Creating a New Dedicated Google Cloud Studio

Globant Expands Global Partnership with Google Cloud by Creating a New Dedicated Google Cloud Studio-01 (1)

Globant will grow its dedicated team of experts with deeper and wider reach in GCPs products through its newly established Google Cloud Studio, a new business unit. 

Globant, a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, announced an expansion of its global collaboration with Google Cloud, including creating a new dedicated Google Cloud Studio. The new business unit will be focused on helping clients across Globant’s multiple verticals to adopt and maximise the transformative benefits of Google Cloud.

The demand for Google Cloud products and services has been on the rise, and Globant is taking steps to address this trend. As part of our efforts to empower businesses with the latest cloud technologies, Globant is also expanding this partnership, committing to invest in Google Cloud capabilities and training 1,500 Google-certified engineers.

“With over two decades of experience leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Globant is poised to help businesses stay ahead, helping our clients succeed in the cloud-first era and achieve their digital transformation goals,” said Anupam Wahi, Managing Director of Google Cloud Studio at Globant. “With our 360-degree partnership with Google Cloud, Globant is committed to building out a dedicated team, led by Diego Briheuga, SVP of Technology, and Pablo Izcue, VP of Delivery, to respond to the increasing demand for Google Cloud products.”

“With its experienced team of Google Cloud-certified engineers around the world, specialisations across industries, and dedication to mastering the latest technologies and trends, Globant has been a strong collaborator with Google Cloud for more than 15 years,” said Anil Jain, Global Managing Director, Media & Entertainment Industry at Google Cloud. “With this next step in our partnership, organisations will have the ability to maximise the many benefits of Google Cloud’s platform and tools, helping them to stay competitive and lead their industries in a rapidly-changing business landscape.”

As part of the expanded partnership, Globant and Google Cloud will also work together to:

  • Deep dive into AI by helping clients and their customers to leverage Google Cloud’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools and applications to unlock automation and business value in data science, AI infrastructure, responsible AI/ML, deep learning, and more. 
  • Focus on innovative client solutions across multiple industries, based on Globant’s existing expertise in Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Gaming, Professional Services, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Airlines, Hospitality & Leisure, Retail, and Manufacturing with domain-specific knowledge and solutions. 
  • Prioritise enterprise modernisation solutions, including migrations and platform modernisation for the cloud, databases, data lakes, app modernisation, data analytics, and security.

Globant and Google established their relationship more than 16 years ago. Through this partnership, the companies have been able to create synergies between their respective areas of expertise, unlocking significant strategic value for multiple joint clients, such as TelevisaUnivision: “Globant helped us to quickly ramp up a large team in a few months to build out our direct-to-consumer platform based on Google Cloud. The Globant team’s talent and agility were directly responsible for the on-time delivery of our platform and its successful implementation at scale,” said Michael Cerdá, Executive Vice President of Streaming Product & Engineering at TelevisaUnivision.