Google Assistant gets Generative AI Ppgrade with Bard

Google has announced a new personal assistant to make conversations with artificial intelligence more natural, intuitive, and useful. 

Assistant with Bard, which is powered by Generative AI, combines the capabilities of Google’s existing voice assistant with Bard, a large language model that can generate and reason with text, voice, and images.

Assistant with Bard is still an early experiment, and Google plans to roll it out to early testers soon on Android and iOS devices. The company says that Assistant with Bard will be able to help users with various tasks, such as planning trips, finding emails, creating lists, or writing social posts. 

Users will also be able to interact with Assistant with Bard through text, voice, or images, and the assistant will be able to take actions for them, such as booking flights, ordering groceries, or sending messages.

Google says that Assistant with Bard will be integrated with some of the Google services that users already use, such as Gmail and Docs, making it easier to stay on top of the most important things in their lives. 

Assistant with Bard will also be contextually aware, using the input from the sensors in an Android device, such as the camera, voice input, or presence detection, to understand the user’s intent and provide relevant responses.