Google Maps Ranking Guide by MAP SEO Experts KISS PR

Google Maps Ranking Guide by MAP SEO Experts KISS PR

If you want your business listing to rank on top of Google and dominate your competition on local search results for your targeted keywords and geographic areas then you have arrived at the right destination.

For any business, getting a good amount of qualified traffic from search engines is important. Finding the quick, effective, and easiest way for the target audience to reach your business may seem to be challenging.

If you have a local business or organisation and targeting local customers then Google has an effective solution for your Local marketing needs. Google Maps marketing is a great way for your business to reach your local target audience.

Google Maps Are Very Effective

When it comes to local SEO, Google Maps marketing is the fastest, easiest and effective way to promote your business online and to get easily found by your local audience when searched on your target keywords or your business name/title.

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People Mostly Depend on Google to Search Businesses

It’s a very well known fact that the majority of people rely on Google Maps results to find any Local business services, organisations, professional services, goods or products, nearby stores, and many other businesses information in their local area.

Also, it’s no wonder that, in the world of the Internet, Google Maps plays a major role in helping people discover accurate nearby local businesses information quickly and easily.

Let Google Know Your Business Exists

For the target audience to reach your business easily on local search, it is important to let Google know that your business exists as Google Maps helps your target audience reach your business quickly and easily.

Get Your Business Listed On Google Maps – It’s Important

If you have a business, agency, or organisation, and if it is not found on Google maps for your target keywords or at least when searched on your business name then, that doesn’t seem to be good to the potential customer. There are high chances to lose your potential customers to your competitors.

Expect High Sales Conversion from Google Maps Results

The sales conversion rate is very high from Google Maps results. This helps the top-listed (on Google maps results) businesses to improve their sales performance and take their business to the next level, just with a FREE Google My Business listing!

The Goal is To Rank on Google Maps 3 Pack Results!

Rank your Google Business listing higher than that of your competitors on Google Maps to achieve the best results. Typically Google displays only 3 businesses on Page 1 Maps search results for General search queries; these results are known as Google Maps 3 Pack.

Ranking the business listing on Google 3 pack for the target keywords should be the goal to get qualified traffic and boosted sales conversion rate.

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Submit on Google Maps for FREE

Fortunately, Google allows submitting any business information (that is accurate and real) to Google Maps by adding your information to Google My Business profile for FREE!

User Friendly and Easily Accessible With Call-To-Action Buttons

Google Maps results are compatible and easily accessible on all types of Smartphones, Mobile devices, Tabloids, desktops, and laptops. The Google Maps results are displayed when searched by typing text or by voice search on Google.

Google Maps results provide call-to-action information of your business on the search results to help people to call or contact your business quickly and easily.

Get a Google My Business Account

Business owners should take advantage of the great opportunity offered by Google by submitting and verifying their business information to Google. The process is really simple; all that you need to have a Gmail account, using which you can create a Google My Business listing (also known as GMB).

Google My Business is the way to create free business listings on Google Maps for Businesses and to get on Google directly.

Verified GMB profile Displays on Google Maps

Once Google My Business listing is verified by Google, the Business information will be displayed on Google Maps results. You can simply check it by searching your Business Name/ Title (that you have used while creating the GMB profile) on Google.

Providing Your Business Information for People to Reach You

It’s not just the Business name and the Phone number, but Google provides options to include more information about your business. 

The information typically includes Business Name, Address, Phone number, Website, Directions, Office timings/ hours, Images, Customer ratings & reviews and other information that helps the Google visitor to know more about that Business.

Right Way for the Customers to Reach Your Business

Google My Business listing not only helps your customers find your business or organisation information quickly and easily on local search results but also helps you respond to your customers’ queries and reviews they post and improves customer interaction.

If you are a business owner and looking for the fastest way to get your business on Google for your Company/ Agency title and for target search terms then, Google My Business is the right approach.

Direct Access for Customers to Reach Your Business

Most importantly, people can directly make a phone call from the GMB listing to the number that has been provided/ displayed on the listing. The insights are available to analyse the traffic and how the audience searched for your business. 

You can know how many people searched for your business, requested directions, and how many phone calls were made.

Google My Business listing account is quite transparent. The insights help you discover how best your Google My Business listing is working for your business or organisation.