Healthcare Triangle Unveils DataEz Platform To Harness Big Data

The innovative platform gives healthcare and life sciences organisations access to advanced security, a self-cataloguing data lake, automated data quality checks, and more.

Healthcare Triangle, a provider of cloud data transformation solutions, recently released DataEz, a cloud-based solution that empowers life sciences and healthcare organisations to future-proof their data platform. DataEz provides instant access to advanced analytics with cutting-edge security that help organisations derive meaningful insight from large quantities of data.

Since DataEz is built on the cloud, this software-as-a-service platform also provides greater capacity for ingesting, processing, and gaining insight from data—critical in fields such as genetics, where public archives for raw sequencing data double in size every 18 months.

DataEz enables organisations to automatically deploy core infrastructure and access advanced analytic solutions – including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning – to automate data lake management. It’s an approach that frees up IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives, such as use cases and applications uncovered via data analysis.

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Real-world examples of DataEz in action include the following:

  • A top 10 pharmaceutical provider with large amounts of real-world data found that clinical queries were taking days to complete, and with data anticipated to increase tenfold in the immediate future, the pharma company sought a scalable platform that would meet the pharma industry’s high security and compliance requirements. Within three months, Healthcare Triangle’s DataEz platform enabled the pharma company to:
    • Ingest data faster while seamlessly adding new data sources for analysis
    • Process even the most complex queries in minutes instead of days
  • A senior care provider needed an intuitive dashboard that could ingest digital health data from remote monitoring devices and sensors as well as a mobile app that could continually share seniors’ health details with their providers and family members. With DataEz, Healthcare Triangle provided:
    • A cloud-based data lake where the data from various devices and sensors are ingested and stored through automated provisioning
    • A scalable dashboard capable of monitoring hundreds of thousands of patients at a time
    • AI and machine learning for predictive analytics and detection of health anomalies

Healthcare Triangle is a premier partner of AWS, a gold partner of Microsoft Azure, an affiliate partner of Google Cloud, and a work partner of GCP. With HITRUST certification pending, Healthcare Triangle will continue to enable top life sciences and healthcare organisations to leverage the public cloud to reduce IT costs, improve business and clinical outcomes, and accelerate innovation without compromising security and compliance.